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Why does Creativity play such a large role in our Poetry and Creative Writing? First, let us take a look at the word Creativity in our Webster Dictionary: 1. Bring into being 2. exist; reproduce.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: The art of being creative and energy placed into whatever we are creating.


Creativity plays a large role in Poetry and writing. When I look at all the Poetry on our poetry board written by our members, I am amazed at the creativity that goes into many of them. As we’ve talked about, the left side of the brain, (logical) plays just as much of a role as the right side of the brain (creative) depending on the format the poem is written in. When I see poems posted on our website completely creative, (not drawn from personal memories) I am amazed.


Not one of my poems falls under our definition for being creative so we know logic (rhyming) must play a role as well or I am not really writing Poetry. I hope that isn’t the explanation!

Creativity is what gets us up and out of bed in the morning. I do my best writing in the morning, because I wake up, excited with an idea already forming in my mind as to what I would like to write. Our last few daily wisdom words go hand in hand with Creativity, because it takes faith and courage to write. You must have faith in yourself, and God-given talents and abilities, courage, to put out there what your writing, and Creativity to come up with the idea itself.


Creativity is the art of creating something beautiful. It can be funny, serious or many other adjectives but it must be beautiful to you. It takes that extra oomph to put down on a piece of paper what has been in your head since you woke up the morning you write. A song, or poem sometimes is already in our head before we write it, and putting it on paper, or the creative role, has been taking place since the first minute you thought of the idea.


There are many other ways to be creative other than writing, such as painting, sculpting, lyrics designed for the verses we do write, and so many other ways to be creative it amazes me at the beauty of each of our individual minds. Creativity is a God given gift we should all be grateful for, because each of us in some way is creative from the recipe you made from scratch that is all yours, to what we are discussing today, how creativity plays such a large role in what your writing.


Give some thought today at how you are creative, and if its writing, what kind of role and how much is creativity responsible for what you’ve written. Never close your mind off to change. You never know what your actually creative at, until you have tried the hobby to know if you have a true knack for it.


Regardless, Creativity is a God given gift so we should be thankful for the role it plays in our lives.


We are all “perfectly imperfect” and sometimes our creativity can be seen in the actual imperfection itself. Thank you so much for reading and I encourage comments below and on Facebook, google plus, and twitter as well as below this web post.

Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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