How does Wisdom play a role in what you write, how you think, and what you read?

Wisdom actually plays a huge role in all three categories.

First let us take a look at the Webster definition of the word, Wisdom: 1. Accumulated philosophic learning; Insight, knowledge. 2. good sense. 3. a wise attitude or course of action.


Daily Wisdom Word meaning: 1. Learning from mistakes of the past and the knowledge we walked away with. 2. What we learn and retain from what we read, write, say and do.


Wisdom plays a very large role in our writing because generally when we write something we write it based on a mistake we have made, something we learned, and something we learned from which is wisdom by its very definition.


Wisdom is the inspiration behind much of our writing. I was just thumbing through some of my old poetry today and was trying to think of what I would write Daily Wisdom Words on, and as I read some of my old poems, they were about either a mistake I was making, a mistake made, or something I learned from a mistake. What we take away from our mistakes is Wisdom IF we choose to learn from this mistake. When we are going through the emotions associated with mistakes, that is usually the time we get an ah ha moment and start writing. We write from our own and other’s wisdom.


Look at your Poetry and creative writing. We use emotions to write and what inspired you to write all your poems was either something you were beginning to learn, in the middle of learning, or have learned which gives you inspiration to write so it is fair to say wisdom plays a large role in what we write.


Wisdom is also inspiration. Wisdom is taking a lesson you have learned yourself and sharing it with other individuals and writers tend to write their thoughts about what they have been inspired on when writing.


Another way Wisdom is associated what we write, is at many points as a writer, you read other people’s writing and are inspired to write something yourself, based off of what you’ve read. Wisdom gives you a foundation to write from and inspiration and passion are all associated with wisdom and cross paths with it in many ways.


Passion and inspiration lead to really great writing and this comes from our own truth and our own wisdom. Each of us can teach each other something, and that is yet another gift of communication and many times we gain wisdom by getting the advice we seek for something we are going through from another person.


Wisdom is our inspiration, passion, learning method, insight and knowledge from our own mistakes and others as well.


We are all “perfectly imperfect” and that is what makes us human. Wisdom plays a large role in making us wiser human beings.


I encourage comments on all my posts. I hope you all can discuss different aspects of WISDOM and offer more insight!


Thanks for reading,

Samantha Leboeuf


International Community Leader

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