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CREATIVITY ANAGRAM=(C)ritical  (R)easoning,  (E)xpressed  (A)s, (T)alent, (I)ndividual (V)ast ,(I)magination,  (T)hat’s (Y)ours!

Creativity is the center of all artistic design.  W)hen was the last time you used your “creativity”?

Creativity is a quality that can be grown or expanded by simply utilizing it!  
Lets look at the Webster definition:  To bring into existence;  Make or create.  What a powerful wisdom word and we don’t even think of it.

Wisdom Word Definition:  Using a colorful quality within yourself, that is responsible from crafts all the way to fresh ideas!  Creativity, is the color in our world, and without it, our world would gray without it.

Funny, many people when asked, if they are creative, say,”oh no, not really”.  What they don’t realize, is they utilize it in almost every business decision they make including how the unique way they organize their paperwork.

When I think of creativity, I think of my anagrams.  I even think of my posts.  I notice, after I write a daily wisdom word, I start thinking, “Outside the Box”.  I start thinking of fresh, new ideas, and ideas that are new lead to “Creation”.

There are two types of creativity I call, Logical Creativity, and Artistic Creativity. which you can utilize in you “Toolbox in Life”.  Remember that the more tools you are utilizing, or even thinking of trying, start with processing a thought into a thing.  Thoughts and words are things, so we have two words that apply to what a creative thought becomes:  A Creation.

Before we go into how to develop your creativity, I would like to mention something surprising.  I found when researching the word  Creativity, it is one of the few qualities we use most often. according to what I have read, Creativity is utilized to begin almost anything, including starting your own business, thinking of the name you would like your company to be, and when writing to inspire and hopefully, make interesting, what it is I write.
I was surprised to find that according to “Living by Design”, creativity is one of the very FEW qualities that utilize BOTH sides of the Brain

Because creativity is just like a muscle, you either use, or lose, or use, and find a much better result on projects at work you have.

Creativity, focuses on original ideas, and thoughts, and is not to be confused with talent although whatever the result when we use it, is TALENT or “gift”  in itself.

I chose this word, because of a specific article I read, which stated, ” anyone reading this should be aware that, if you have young children from 3 years old and above, you,  can help your child develop future skills that can be priceless, and give them an edge as an adult.

Did you know that by exposing our children to “creativity” in this world, you give them an invaluable edge, and there is also research showing that memories of childhood are far more colorful and rich, if you, as parents focus on creative experiences.  Creativity is like a “Pencil Sharpeners” with various colors.  Research also shows that children who draw frequently do better in reading and math then children raised without promoting creativity. Surprising, but true.

This wisdom word is worth our time to learn from, and even if you were not exposed to many creative ideals, as a child, you can still work on it as an adult, and MRI brain scans show, once one starts a creative project, there is additional activity in the brain so it makes us smart, as well.

 and will shine at focusing on finite details or a clear vision developed as far back as the promotion we used with simply a box of crayons and paper.

Asking your child’s teacher what she does specifically to develop creativity is always a great idea.

One last thought I found interesting:  When your child makes mistakes, encourage them to think about more than one solution.  Encourage your child to look at problem solving from various angles, helps to develop creativity.

Creativity is a wise wisdom word that if used in childhood can be a tool that makes the difference between them and another candidate when interviewing.  A common question asked in interviews, is placing the candidate in a “Hypothetical Situation”, and asking how they would handle it.  Creativity allows them as adults when developed properly offer more than one solution.

I find every day, there is something new to learn.  I want as many tools in my “toolbox in life” I am able to obtain.

Anagram for Creativity will soon follow…SL

As always, comments and feedback are welcome, and if you like what you read, please, share it with others….Thanks

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