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DIVERSITY                             DAILY WISDOM WORDS
What does “diversity” mean to you?

The diversity we have in our culture, should be something we are proud of.
God made us all, with no exclusions!  He also made us unique in every way, so if your haaving an issue with dealing with diversity, remember, that could be the issue itself.
Can you “imagine” a world, with all of the people in it looking exactly alike?  
For anyone to judge diversity in color or creed, or separate them from themselves, due to this, it is their loss.  To “JUDGE” diversity, is no different than judging yourself, for you are more diverse, hopefully then what the outsiders in your life, think of you.
I think its so very sad that many people feel terrified to simply be themselves.  Why is this?  If you watch the news, it seems everyday, someone is having another judge them, for being a different color, and it is sad truly for our world.
Imagine “if” we kept opinions to ourselves, or trained our brain not to focus on the other person you are judging, and focus on yourself, and your issues instead.  On a Global scale, we would not be at war with extremists, who hate America.  
We change diversity from something negative, and look at it as positive as its meaning is intended for when using the word.  We find “something to appreciate about them and look at ways we are alike, not dislike.  We visualize this thing we have found we are alike in,   one person, one day, at a time, shifting our opinions, and “working together, instead of apart,” on opposite sides.  With the bigger picture, it could make such an impact on our world.  On the personal side, it opens your heart, and an open heart, fills up quickly with love, instead of dislike or even hatred.
Don’t be afraid to be DIFFERENT.  It is the blessing God created, which is you, and I and all of us, are “CONNECTED”, but what separates us, is the reality of  “Diversity”.  
There however, remains a connection, that just as we work out a muscle, as “could choose” to change.  God gave this to us, as well:  The power of choice.  Do we use it wisely?  I believe, that if each of us in this world, tried very hard, to see across the world, the problems “diversity” has caused, including all of the violent upheaval we are all directly or indirectly suffering from.
Diversity, “is a wonderful wisdom word”, because being different, is beautiful.  So many people including myself, in the past, have been timid to be who they are, afraid of JUDGEMENT.  There is only one driver with a license to pass judgement, and that is God.  Jesus forgives us, (in my belief system), to teach us how very important forgiveness is and what he sacrificed to give it to us.

The saddest thing of all:  Forgiveness should not be needed because I am different or you are different, because this is not only counterproductive, it is cheating, ultimately, you.  Diversity, is the very thing, that is a beautiful thing, keeping us different and unique and special from anyone else in our world.
None of us are perfect, and sadly, those that search for perfection in others, will never find it, so they will remain isolated from part of this world, never fully happy.  There is no perfection in a human being.  Some like to think they are perfect, but honestly, we are all flawed in some way.

Diversity is a part of our lives, when we do the judging or are judged.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place if someone shy were accepted in Junior high, for instance.  Remember, we are the leaders, and we don’t want to raise a generation in judgement..SL

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