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GRATITUDE                                             DAILY WISDOM WORDS

Gratitude, is one of my “”Wisdom Wise” Daily Wisdom Words.  What does gratitude mean to us?
Do we show it often enough?  Are we more interested in “expressing it, or receiving it”?

According to the Webster Summation Gratitude means: Thankfulness

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Wisdom- Wise Word, with so much depth in the power of thankfulness, and a powerful word, for what you receive, without expectation  when doing for others, or Give, with no Expectations.

Gratitude, is something we can show another when our pockets are empty.  Our gratitude, is best shown, shining through the heart, and verbalized with Grace.

I used to do so much more for others, and it felt great!  I can honestly say, the biggest reward for me, when having another express “gratitude” towards me, was the wonderful feeling it gave me to do for another, and I prided myself, on doing whatever I was able, to give.

Now, sometimes, I have to ask others for help, and when I “receive it”, I feel almost guilty.  It is not because I didn’t need the help, but because I with I could be the one doing the giving.

My son, who is wise beyond his years, always, said, “Mom, you give to others through your writing, and I often wonder if he is trying to make me feel good.  I must admit, I am always forthright in expressing my gratitude, but when I am asking a favor, again I get that uncomfortable feeling inside.

I recently went to visit my sister, and it had been five years since I had seen her.  The last time I seen her before this, and the last memory I have prior to this visit, is her, standing in my kitchen, with high heels, looking like a fashion model, and when I first saw her, she is much more disabled than myself,  as hard as I tried, I started crying.

My sister said, “Sam, don’t cry for me, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”    Inside, I honestly was feeling so ashamed I ever felt sorry for myself or the petty anger, I let get the best of me.  I told her, (which ultimately was the truth),  I was crying because I felt such gratitude to be able to see her after all this time.  

I only stayed two days, and we had such a wonderful time.  It was my own cowardly feelings inside, because she had so many health issues, and was now fully disabled in a wheel chair (she was a runner), that had stopped me before.

Honestly, I was terrified to see how much I had heard she had changed.  This, along with other issues, now so insignificant, had previously stopped me from seeing her sooner, along with my own personal health issues, and petty gossip on her behalf.

I realize how small and immaterial the latter is, now.  I am so grateful to God, he allowed me to make it out there, and face her as she is, loving her just the same, and coming home with my own gratitude, that I wasn’t in a wheelchair, and could walk instead of self pity.  One of the happiest and best part of all after leaving her, is receiving a call from her boyfriend, who said “Thank you so much, Samantha.  You are the best sister in the world!”That is the happiest I have seen your sister in two years.” I was at the airport, on my way back home, when I received the call, and had to stop and sit down for a moment, so filled with gratitude towards, him, for calling me, and a world of emotions just overwhelmed me.

I was So grateful to God, I finally made it out, and he gave me the strength to face my fears.  I grew emotionally, so much in a 48 hour time frame, and fully realized what “gratitude meant” and since the trip, if I have to ask for help, I think of the wonderful feelings I got from getting that phone call.

It will not be five more years until I see my sister again.  I am grateful I can walk and feel so badly for her, but if she looks, she can be grateful where she is in this world, for there is someone far worse off then her, as well…..SL

As always, I am so “grateful” for your comments and feedback, and would love your viewpoints.
Please read, and if you like, pass it to anyone you feel it might help.  Thanks so much.

My Gratitude Poem..

Gratitude is a feeling,
Sentiment from our heart,
It begins by someone doing,
It ends expecting nothing from the start

Thank the Lord,
for all the angels,
who don’t know their angels prior,
Doing for others, they truly inspire,

The one they did it for,
Is grateful, yes this is true,
But the one that did the giving,
In the end is grateful too!!!

Let us play Wisdom Wordology, Daily Wisdom word, GRATITUDE!!!!  A GAME OF THE MIND!  TWO WAYS TO PLAY, Solitaire, or with others!!  (I will explain this later as we first learn to play solitaire….GRATITUDE

(G)iving (R)ecomendation (A)nd  (T)hanking   (I)ndividuals  (T)hat  (U)understandably  (D)eserve  E)xpression!

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