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EGOTISM                                                          OR HUMILITY?

Are you a person who’s strengths come from egotism?  What is an egotist?  Is being an egotist a positive or a negative quality?  The best way to explain an egotist is to think of a person whose positive qualities are inside a balloon that is blown up to its fullest, held in front of them for protection.

Let us first take a look at the Webster meaning of  an egotist- 1.  A person who is excessively conceited or self-absorbed;  self seeker.

An Egotist holds all of his positive qualities inside a balloon.  I use this analogy, because being an egotist is almost the same as being fake.  When we or a quality we portray is not sincere and real, it is very easy to see through these qualities.  It is kind of like seeing through a balloon.  In fact, in order to poke a hole in these qualities an egotist is trying to portray, these qualities can disappear as quickly as having this balloon held in front of someone and seeing it poked with a pin.  If a balloon is poked with a tiny pin, that is blown up, it pops.  After this pop, the qualities that a person “PORTRAYS” instead of HAS, because they are not real, they disappear as quickly as air does from a balloon.  What is left behind is a shriveled piece of rubber, and nothingness inside the individual’s character. The main part of the character of the egotist is what he portrays or shows outwardly.  He does not really have the qualities he is trying to portray, but mimics them instead.  He learns through others or studies them to see how they act with this quality.

The individual that operates off of humility, rather than being able to see the qualities from the outside, we feel them from the person with humility.  They are sincere and real.  they don’t have to point out these qualities.  They exude these qualities because that are sincere.  There doesn’t need to have a balloon in front of them trying to exude the qualities.  I ask you again:  are you a person with egotism or a person with humility?  What would you rather be?  Narcissists are often egotists.  A person who is one of humility, doesn’t have to act or put on a show.  These qualities are natural and real and the individuals who have them, don’t need to brag. These qualities shine outwardly as a part of who they are.

What would you consider yourself to be, honestly?  Are the positive qualities you have held inside yourself or are they “displayed” on the outside, and almost part of a role your playing to others?  The egotist wants badly to have these qualities, but they are only as real as the air inside the balloon they hold outside themselves.  I will ask you another question:  What kind of person would you like to be?  Unfortunately, unless you’re an egotist, if these qualities are sincere, and a part of who you are, not who you wish to portray yourself to be, this will be an easy question to answer. 

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
10 months ago

I guess the worst lie ever, is the lie we tell ourselves. This is called denial. And we hurt ourselves most of all when we are in denial about our faults. The Bible admonishes Christians to be honest confess our faults to each other as a way of staying accountable to our own selves.it is important that “To Thine own self be true.”

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