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Top rated articles will never be on Female Genital Mutilation. It would rather be about football or the richest man in the world or something comical- that is the business of every day. We talk more about things we see as big and leave out very minute things like female genital mutilation, rape, domestic violence etc. That’s not going to happen here. I will definitely raise it on Daily Wisdom Words.

Picture of an anonymous child going through FGM in Africa.

First off, we fail to understand that little things make bigger things. If you don’t care to gather the sand, you definitely will not have a castle.

It is insane to think that such a thing still exist in our education filled dispensation that houses a majority of people flaunting their academic feat in their various names especially in Africa and other parts of the world.

In some cases, they scold you if you by chance omit it when you address them. Well, that’s the beautiful vase we all find ourselves. Female Genital Mutilation has a deep root- very deep root- in Africa that dates back to Pre-colonial Africa.

Traditionalist who felt the need to preserve the dignity, virginity and marriageability of their daughters went into the practice of covering the genitals of young girls from a tender, in most cases 4 – 15 years old girls, age. Call them uncouth. They had their reason. My question is; is that reason applicable in our age?

Addressing issues like this could be very delicate and attention should be given to both parties in the court of reason so as not to come up with a one-sided perception about the subject. If you ask me, I probably will tell you that something may have prompted its creation thousand of years ago.

Razor blade used for female genital mutilation.

One of the reasons was definitely to scare mutilated girls from having sex and this singular reason helped drastically in the decline of rape as opposed to the 21st century where it abounds without a leech. Don’t get me wrong. I am not in anyway supporting Female Genital Mutilation. In fact, I am a staunch supporter of human right. All I am saying is that, time comes with reason. They proffered a solution to a vice but it became a problem overtime as is other things man goes into on Earth.

Say No to FGM

By now, you may have an idea or two about female genital mutilation but you probably don’t know that it is categorized into four main types. Do you?

Types of Female Genital Mutilation

Statistics show that the effect of Female Genital Mutilation varies in girls. Most of which are behavioral and their narrative about sex. Some may experience a decline in libido, pain during sex or lack no form of sexual desire whatsoever. This is a problem.

You may think of it as dead. It is not. As a matter of fact, it still is prevalent. Report gathered by UNICEF shows that between 2014-2015, 98%, 97% and 25% of women between the age of 15-49 had undergone FGM in Somalia, Guinea and Nigeria respectively.

World Health Organization Campaign against FGM

Like I said, they had and have their reason for female genital mutilation, but it doesn’t meet the standards of this age and time. Victims, most times, do not consent to this barbaric act and this is evident as they scream in pain when they go under the knife in the hands of traditionalists in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Scared African Girl

I could really go on and talk about other effects of FGM and tell you the extent at which it is bad but I want you to give this deep thoughts: what if it was your wife, sister or dear friend? We can help the World Health Organization as well as United Nations Children’s Fund and other agencies of the world reduce the art drastically.

Spread the word today. Save a girl today!




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Olayinka kayode Kingsley (@guest_9121)
5 months ago

It is very disheartening. Non one possess the authority to mutilate the female gender. Thanks for reawakening the consciousness

Adama Alhassan (@guest_9119)
5 months ago

Uncouth horrible, barbaric and inhuman. It has never served any good purpose at anytime in history. Law should be promulgated to make it a capital offence for anyone indulged in FGM and or a minimum of life imprisonment.

Anibe Israel ATULUKU (@guest_9118)
5 months ago

Thank you for the awareness, all my thoughts was that it doesn’t exist any longer, but in history books. Thanks once again for the awareness… You get given me a new case to advocate for..

Catherine (@guest_9116)
5 months ago

Thank you for sharing and bringing awareness to this horrific abuse young girls still endure. I read up on this a few years back and was mortified that it still continues in this day and age. A horrifying reality indeed 😥

Active Member
NEEL TRIVEDI (@neelt2001)
5 months ago

Love this article! Thank you for spreading awareness on this!!

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