What does Endurance mean and why is this such a valuable daily wisdom word?

Endurance according to our Webster Dictionary means: 1. the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant situation or process without giving way. 2. ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. Pushing oneself past their normal limits of exertion, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Endurance, physically is a good thing, because your body will tell you much sooner when your exercising that you have had enough, when in reality you could push further. They say, “listen to your body” and it will tell you when you’ve had enough, but that is not true for exercise at all times. If your not testing or pushing your ability while exercising, approximately ten to fifteen minutes into a heavy workout you will feel tired, but if you “push” through, you will get a second wind.

Before starting to exercise, it is always a wise idea to get an assessment known as a PARQ from your doctor, (Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire) or (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) to test what your ability level is, and go from there. Work your way up slowly to the physical endurance necessary to get a good 30-45 minute cardiovascular workout, although health benefits occur as soon as 20 minutes into the workout.

You must check with your doctor, because of heart issues, and listen to your body to a degree, but you also need to test your endurance. For example, I just started working out again after taking a long hiatus due to an injury
I had. I noticed the first day I began power walking again, I could only go a small distance compared to where I was. I did not push my “endurance” that first day. However, the following day I did, and I went twice as far.

We must always challenge ourselves physically. It is said that physical activity is the anti-aging drug of the Post millennial period and we know through testing and experimenting there is evidence to prove exercise can help with all sorts of medical conditions including fibromyalgia, BMI, (Body Mass Index), resting heart rate, overall feeling of being energetic, and so many other things, too many to list.

How much endurance do we take on emotionally? If your a sensitive person like myself, you may want to test your emotional endurance, but be very careful when in a relationship not to test it too far as too much tolerated emotional endurance is a form of abuse.

Psychological endurance should follow closely with emotional endurance, testing yourself enough to compromise in a relationship or with Psychological situations, use your best judgement.

Thank you for reading about Endurance with me today. Remember: You can always go further than you think you can, and before you know it, endurance will gain traction and you will have started with a half of a mile, and worked your way up to two miles.

This website is under construction so please bear with the glitches. I hope to see Poems, Quotes, or Thoughts on endurance today. The participants will be allowed to participate in the poetry contest if your registered on the website and posting your poetry on here, this does connect to twitter so I would prefer whatever you write, to be posted at dailywisdomwords.com. The Posting Webpage for poetry has been finished for a while. The Poetry contest will offer a $200 prize and should be submitted after the start date of September 1, 2018.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Samantha LeBoeuf
Daily Wisdom Words

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