Have you ever had an epiphany? Out of the top 32 most beautiful words, epiphany comes in at number 16 and is a noun. Let us first take a look at its meaning in the Webster Dictionary: -Epiphany-A sudden striking of understanding about something or someone. 2. Epiphany-January 6, in observed as a church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi to Christ at Bethlehem.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Epiphany-The happening of an ah ha moment when something just hits you with understanding.


Epiphanies don’t happen as often as you might think. Epiphanies are moments of clarity when the stars are aligned and something you have been think about and wanting an answer to comes into perfect clarity. It is truly an ah ha moment and in Poetry, especially reading some of the older pieces, it can mean you’ve been reading a poem over and over and haven’t quite been getting the meaning, then, out of the clear blue, you do understand the moment, and when you do, its as if a lightbulb has gone off in your head, because it is truly an ah ha moment.


The word epiphany comes in at number 16 out of the 32 most beautiful words in the English Language, and that is partly because of its definition and partly because of the way it sounds when you say it. Epiphanies are felt throughout the body because you have been desperately trying to understand something, and it hits you as a true revelation when you finally do. Epiphanies are exciting as well.


Epiphanies are nouns of origin and not a word used as often as you might think because of their rare occurrences. The word has come back into popular use since Oprah Winfrey coined it as a phrase associated with an “ah ha” moment, so as of lately your hearing this beautiful word more often. Epiphanies don’t happen that often, so when they do, it is special. The word also has two very diverse definitions, one being that moment of sudden revelation and two, being the date of January 6th every year of that being a church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi to Christ in Bethlehem.


The biggest Epiphanies are of the smallest things but I think of them as aha moments as well and refer to them as that. I have had this kind of feeling AFTER a situation in my life that I did not understand, played out and I struggled over and over to understand why it had happened to me at that particular time and space and the answer simply put has hit me like a brick wall falling down and being able to see on the other side the answer with clear clarity and a ringing truth. When you have an epiphany, never take them for granted because it may be a while before another one happens in your life.


Thanks so much for reading with me about Epiphanies today, and may your day be blessed with love and light. Remember: we have had this moment to reveal something to us, so don’t ever take them for granted.


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Warmest Regards,


Samantha Leboeuf

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Quote of the day. “I had been trying to figure out why my relationship ended when I had a sudden “epiphany” and the clarity was as bright as a lightbulb going off”..



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