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What does excitement mean in your life?  Let us take a look at the meaning of excitement in our Webster Dictionary.

Excitement-1.  A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.  2.  Something that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness; An exciting incident

Excitement is something that is not an every day event for most people.  Excitement is also different for everyone.  Some people have to try risky things like driving race cars to create excitement.  Others, like my mother feel excitement over others such as something good happening to her children or grandchildren.

I have always admired my mother.  For me, I found excitement when I was working in New Home Sales.  When I was selling a home to a couple where the home was a good match, I felt excitement.  I also would get excited when I was single about a new date with someone I liked.  It didn’t take risky things to make me feel excitement.

A friend of mine does not feel excitement unless he is doing something risky such as driving a race car, going paragliding, or doing anything that would have some form of risk factor.  He loved these kind of events and thrived off of them.  I wouldn’t go near things like that because of the risk factor.

As I mentioned above, I admire my mother.  She finds excitement in what happens for those people that she loves.  She is 80 years old, and it is amazing that she manages to be so thrilled when someone in our family gets a job promotion, or something along those lines.  What excites me now are the very things my mother gets excited about.

This Website excites me.  Every day I see changes in it, and am thrilled when I see them.  I love it and do get excited when a new member joins and I see were expanding.  Thank you so much for reading about excitement today.

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words

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