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How forgiving do you feel you are?  Is there a situation in your mind, you can think of in which you feel if Forgiveness were required, there is no way you could forgive another of the acts against a loved one, or acts they have committed, hurting and damaging you, sometimes for a lifetime?

Let us first, take a look at what forgiveness is in my Webster:  Forgiveness:  1.  The act of forgiving
2.  To give up resentment of  3.  to grant relief from payment of

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  Forgiveness:  an act that allows us give away our hurt and pain, by allowing the other to be free of theirs.

The first thing I think of when posting on forgiveness, are those who can forgive someone who has harmed/hurt permanently one they love, and over time, actually feel sorry for them.  How are they able to truly forgive another, for doing harm to one they love, and move forward like this?

To truly forgive another, you must pray for them.  Easter is close, and I believe that is what Jesus did, to move past his resentment and anger, and horrible pain, and in the end, he was “born again”, according to my belief system.

Born again, is a mini-version of what actually happens when we pray for another we feel so much anger for, and exercise true forgiveness within, ultimately making something good happen from something bad.

We are finally able to release the other, and pray for them, in the end, absolving ourselves of the horrible pain we feel as well as anger, and the pain, is no a larger pain with a target pointed at them.
It is pain, that we alone experience, where we don’t let the other person anger us and cause resentment within us, because we have been able to let their part in in go.  In turn, we allow ourselves to remember the positive experiences with the loved ones or harm against ourselves, creating new memories, and stopping the cycle, expanding growth in who they are.

For me, the one thing that allows me to let go of something, is to truly pray for the other who harmed myself or my loved one.

Forgiveness is sometimes about something far less impacting in our lives, but just the same, there is hurt on our end, along with a need to forgive.  We find, we cannot let go of this, by our own thoughts, which continue to repeat over and over the actions the one who has committed the act, to forgive, we obsessively feel we’re their violation over and over again, creating deep roots of anger within.    I call this thought repetition, resentment.

As long as we continue to allow that negative thought process to repeat itself, we will continue to hang on to that which is only hurting us, in the end, and although it may be hurting them, we almost feel glad, and this  comes from the repetitive thought process, playing their actions which hurt you over and over again, and ultimately all of that anger and resentment we are unable to get past.

 We must find it through our heart, by looking behind their actions, an “understanding behind the reasons” why they have abused their actions, in a way that has truly brought pain into our lives.

 Like a broken record, with a scratch, repeating itself, over and over again, is this #thought process I mentioned and until we can break this negative cycle of repetition of our thought process, in which we play over and over again what horrific things they said to us or did, we will not be able to truly forgive.

True forgiveness, comes from the heart, not mind.

Forgiveness is a difficult thing for all of us to do.  Perhaps, through our anger, we can look inside ourselves, and ask God to remove the repetitive thought process, playing the past over and over in our head, affecting our heart, and healing process, by praying for them through him.

Strength and true character can be sought behind those able to amazingly forgive, some things we aren’t capable of understanding, through moving past the anger felt towards, the violator and get to the other side of it and begin to heal inside.  By forgiving them, and freeing up the place in our hearts, we start the healing process.  To forgive in your heart, is enough, to let go, allowing God to control the reins, in our lives, and steer our repetitive thinking over that scratch, in a record, and play the record past it.

There is also self-forgiveness needed actions we are angry with ourselves about.  We are all human beings, and in this lifetime, I don’t care how vigilant we are, sometimes, we are going to make mistakes, and sometimes, in order to move to the next step, which is to learn from those mistakes, we must move past them.  “This is the same thought process, playing our actions over and over in our heads from the past, beating ourselves up inside, not allowing us to move past the mistake, because we continue to live in it.” 

 In order for us to move forward and learn from this mistake, we must ask our own heart and God, to forgive us.  After this is done, stop playing that record to where it is scratched, for you have more past it into the present which is where you are able to change your actions if you want or need to.

On the other end of that scratch, is a part of the song best enjoyed:  The peace in your soul, not removing the pain or making it less, but forgiving them, or ourselves through prayer, finding, we can move past that record scratch, to the other side of the song and play it through to the end, with forgiveness.  SL

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