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Where does “release” play a role in our lives?

Let us take a look in my old Webster Meaning:  RELEASE-1.  relief or deliverance from pain and sorrow and suffering.  2.  discharge from an obligation or responsibility.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  It is best said, in the Webster, today

Are you tenacious and keep trying, to force a round key into a square hole?

Life sometimes, is about letting go.   We must let go, in order to grow.  We may think, emotionally our head and heard don’t need release, but they do.  When it is time to release someone, and we are determined to keep them in our lives, and to do so, causes them, hurt and pain, then we need to release them for their own pain.

Releasing also plays a role in prayer.  Many people pray for what they want, instead of asking God to direct the way and release ourselves into his loving hands.  To truly release whatever you should, sometimes, takes “faith” in something bigger than you, as well as trust.

 To “release” a dove after a funeral in someones memory is to release them to the Lord on their end, and a act of releasing, or letting go, on our end.  

Life is this way as well.  How do we know when it is time to “release” something or someone?

What if it is time to #release someone,  you love, because you know there is no future with them in a love relationship?  I believe, we know much sooner that we wish to be conscious of, they are the one, “right now”, not the one who is right for a lifetime.

The idea of “letting go” of another, when there is still love, but not “growth”, with one another, hurts so much.  We do know in our heart, when that time has come.  We being the one to “release” them
is   a selfless act, if you are hurting terribly to do so, and are still in love with them.   Releasing one in this case is painful, but you don’t share the same goals, dreams, beliefs or aspirations.

They can find what path they should be on and you go forward, knowing you have done what is best for both of you.  Don’t use “releasing” another as an “excuse” not to try, or because of fear.  

To release them in this case becomes, a selfish act, because their hopes and dreams are the same as yours are, and fear is the most cowardly act when you love, but are afraid to move forward, knowing it is time for the next step, and it is human to have it.  Overcoming fear, takes courage, and in your heart, you will find it.

We use release for others, and sometimes it is because they are terminally ill, and there is “no hope” for recovery.  We “release” them from suffering, to God, thinking of their feelings, and what is best in this case when the doctor has told you the situation is terminal, and they are on a ventilator.

I don’t believe we have the right, to choose when they go.  In a terminal situation, the choice is made by a medical professional, advising you what would be best for them.  God picks the date and time of death, and for each of us. We must go through a process of grieving, to do what is best for them, always, and ultimately for all.

Release, negative baggage you carry in your life, and the weight, will be so much easier to carry.

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WISDOGRAM:  (daily word for last post: RELEASE:= (R)eally,  (E)xpressing  (L)oss
(E)ffectively  (A)fter  (S)omething  (E)nds

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