With the holiday’s here, chances are we will see a lot of family and friends.  there are friends that we socialize with, but would never share our personal business with.  Sometimes, however,When it comes down to the wire, we will need a true friend. True friends are the people we lean on when we have issues with our family, or anything for that matter.  I should specify this and say, “Why do we need true friends in our life?”  We need a true friend to help us be objective.  We need a true friend to help us see what we don’t want to see and hold our hand when we are sad or have good news to share!  We need a friend when we are depressed. We need to talk to someone we trust!

I first want to talk about making a friend.  Obviously, if you are seeking friendship, you need to learn how to be a real friend, before you can expect to have one back. Before going any further, however, let us take a look at the meaning of friends in our Webster Definition of Friends-1.  A person who one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.for.

Daily Wisdom Words Meaning of Friends-A person who is loyal and honest and caring.  friends share memories and you can talk to them about anything knowing you can trust this person and that they love you.  

Perhaps we don’t have enough friends in today’s finite life.  We can all meet and play what I call, “growing games”.  Friends are hard to come by these days.  Yes, it is easy to laugh and say to ourselves, “I have plenty of friends.”  There is always someone wanting to meet me for lunch or coffee”.   I suggest to you these are conversation buddies, not true friends. 

Genuine friendships last a lifetime.  These kinds of friendships are built on time, smiles, tears, hard times and good times.  This is part of the reason why we say we should marry our best friend.  Not only do we get along with them better, but we have more in common with one another which is what bonded us in the beginning of our friendship and will continue to until the end.  Friendships time travel through decades.  The differences in life they do have, are genuinely respected by one another.  There are times with the truest of friendships due to temporary circumstances of life are challenged. There may be difficulties when these kind of genuine, lifetime friendships are there forever and that includes life changes that come along for each of them.  

I was in a situation where I made a new friend who required a lot of attention.  In fact, I looked up to her for all the wrong reasons and she in reality was not the nice person I judged her to be.  She even convinced me that my “real friend” was stalking her, and it caused a terrible rift between that friend, who had always been loyal and kind.  Now, due to poor judgement, I am neither friends with her, and am so sorry I lost someone as special as my other friend.  To her, I say good riddance.  To my true friend, all I am able to say is, ” I am sorry”.  However, if the friendship is as strong as I thought it was, someday I will be given a chance to make amends.  A true friend also must consider over the lifetime of the friendship, things like this may happen.  Because we do not control other people, it is a wait and see thing for me.  I have to expect that it will take time to repair things, and accept the terms my friend sets up if I want to have the opportunity to be best friends again as we once were.  Turns out, she is the sincere, real and true friend and the other so called friend, is no longer a friend.  Maybe someday I will forgive her, but she is not the kind of person I would have in my life again. 

I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and when I go home, it is as if I never left.  The friends I grew up with are the same today as they were twenty years ago.  Yes, they have gone through major trauma in some cases and have grown in heart, mind and soul, but they are not fake in any way.  They have had to change with the times to survive, but on the inside, where it counts, they are still the same people.  These friendships I have with the people of Arizona will always be there for me and I will be there for them.  We may only speak on the phone twice a year, but I love them as I always have, except for now, we’re adults.  Thanks so much for reading about friendships today.  Have a beautiful and precious day.  Never take for granted your true friends.  They are priceless.  Tell us about one of your friendships that have managed to grow despite you living far away from them.  Let us know what these friends mean to you and why you consider them to be friendships of a lifetime.  If you don’t wish to leave a comment, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and leave a question or quote about what friendships stand for and mean to you.  

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