“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.”
-Businessman Bo Bennett

Can you visualize your dreams into reality?

In a previous post, I had talked about the power of self-affirmations and just how effective they can be if done properly. Is it the same with visualizing what you want? Can what you visualize manifest itself into reality?

Life coaches and self-help gurus certainly think so, as do I as long as expectations of it are grounded and not out of the realm. If you visualize a million dollars one day, the money will obviously not pop up mysteriously in your room the next day.

But if you’re going through a problem, be it health-related or loss of a loved one or any other issue, engraving a picture of the solution in your mind can certainly help push you in the right directions.

Several life coaches say that when you visualize a solution to a problem on a consistent basis, you’re mentally preparing yourself to do whatever it takes to overcome the problem. In other words, visualization is not at all a psychic-related or a new age exercise as commonly misconstrued. It’s simply training your mind to go in the right direction in order to solve your problem(s).

Some have even suggested that this happens because when you think positive, it puts your mind at ease to the extent that solutions come a bit more easily compared to when you’re stressed.

Regardless of its effectiveness or lack there of, one thing is definitive. It certainly doesn’t hurt. Nor does it require any extra time or attention from anyone. It can be done by anyone at anytime. So why not try it? Do you believe in visualization of your goals? Do you agree or disagree with the arguments stated in this post? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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