While I wait for a good image for this prompt, I will try not to define giving but wait for Samantha LeBoeuf to do justice to it.

Giving and Love are quintessential in life. Though the later informs the former, we often times do not know because we are overshadowed with compassion. Why am I bringing this up on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt today?


That’s a good question I’d love to answer. Take a sit and listen to my story on giving and love. Some beautiful minutes ago I looked up on Google the reviews we have, and it reminded me of the giving and love I and many writers in this community have experienced over the years.

Three years ago, I was just some random Tweep posting poems on Twitter for the likes and adorable comments from people I had no relationship with but it changed. Samantha LeBeouf spotted my art and voila…end of the story.

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You must be able to love to give. That’s exactly what I have experienced in this amazing writing community. Hello Donna, how are you doing?

Let’s talk about giving and love on Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt today.

– See picture

– Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title

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– Share with us

Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. I’m Abuh Monday Eneojo . I’ll be your host.





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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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7 months ago

Sacrosanct love
lingered in
an intermizzo
giving time
swaying hope
breaking free from
dark clouds
i pressed my cheek
on the windowsill
n watched the
birds of paradise fly
across the saffron sky
as the sun cast down
iridescent healing
on painful goodbyes.

7 months ago

Mind’s Eye

I went to my mind’s eye
and what did I see?
Structures in the middle,
’twas a library

And the doors flew open
Welcome sight to see
I lingered for a while
in my memory

And I saw it was filled
with faces & shapes
Ones who #gifted me my
#loving memory


7 months ago

Stood in line for hours what is thy tribute he shouted? Looking around for something hands empty of money, no pennies left she was bereft. When her turn came he stopped her with a wooden cane words of clip and sharp tongue “what do you bring child what have you done?” Accused of a crime she could not remember her mind confused and memories a slumber. They called her a witch for the teas of old she had brewed healing with herbs and love making many anew. He shouted right in her face “what is thy tribute, what do you… Read more »

7 months ago

My love, your real is ours
such joy in giving
you make everyone’s song
sweet valentine memories.

I remember days between
thinking I was lost
meandering dark clouds
adrift without a shore.

Will you kiss me today
smile with your beautiful
as you gaze at us
feel your love reflected.

Jamie Routley
7 months ago

Giving of emotions says, “love”
markings of a smile
simple thoughts
for the way you are
out of dark days
holding on to you tightly
in just the right… ways
I feel the tides turning
feeling you break from isolation
and believing you’re the one
who trusts in love
as much as mecomment image?fit=1810%2C2560&ssl=1

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