What directions do I follow to achieve my goals?

How do we achieve what we desire?  How do we begin to know ourselves well enough to prioritize the goals we desire to achieve?

Let us look at a clear definition of what “GOALS” means straight out of my 25 year old Webster Dictionary.  1.  The mark set as a limit to a race  2.  aim or purpose  3.  an area or “object”used to score.

Wisdom Word Definition:   Goals are the achievements made throughout our lives we prepare in ADVANCE to reach.  Goals and reaching them are the highlights and markers we use to set our worth and self esteem and purpose in life. Or: G ift  O ne A ccomplishes L  iving S uccessfully.

There are personal goals and business goals broken into time frames:    Each of these requires the same basic steps to achieve, however.

How do we live in success?  What do we do first thing in the morning  In order to “live in success” daily?  In order to achieve our goals, first, we must Define what our personal goals are:  Is this particular goal, a One-Term, Short-term, and long-term Goal?. We start, by writing them down and identifying what it is we wish to accomplish  and listing them under what category they fall in.

What is a One Term Goal?  Lets say, for example, we decide to pass the CPA exam, to become an
Accountant,  or the Bar to become an Attorney, or to become a Real Estate Broker.  An example of a ONE TERM personal goal, would be the desire to run  the only Triathlon you plan on running in a lifetime, or to win the local Spelling Bee.

One Term Goals require the same steps to achieve as long and short term Goals do, They are set to achieve a target.

1-.  DEFINITION- Just as each “word” has a dictionary definition, you must CLEARLY define what EACH Goal requires to achieve and how much you will need to accomplish daily to achieve it,  Include specifics because the more “defined” and clear you state your goal, the better chance you have to achieve it. Every one of us, should have a One Term Goal at some point in our lifetime. Include specifics, such as daily time, weekly time, and a spread sheet and computer with pen and paper

 2.   VISUALIZATION– To achieve a Goal, you must BELIEVE you can ACHIEVE.  What helps us with this?  We visualize.  Visualization is a powerful tool most of us don’t use.  Picture yourself having achieved it already. Feel how elated you will be having achieved it.  See yourself as a winner-having accomplished your goal.

3.  AFFIRMATIONS-Write down over and over on a piece of paper first thing in the morning before your coffee, and write it down in this format:  I enjoy having my ________I  am an accountant, or attorney or whatever it is you have set your goal for, and again feel the way you would when you finished achieving your goal successfully.

3.  FOCUS and FORTITUDE –  These two wisdom words, lead to achieving the goal, especially a difficult one, set over a long time frame, fortitude, drive and ambition are  needed, for the hurdles we will have to overcome along the way to success.  Where does this come from?  Pray, and dig into the deepest part of your soul. No One said this would be EASY but if you do these things, you will be successful in achieving the goal, one-term, and short term or long term.

4.   REWARD:  Training your brain with the reward system after achieving your goals is paramount to achieve future ones.  Go buy that dress you saw and loved but decided against pragmatically. YOU DESERVE IT, and mentally it does train your brain on a REWARD SYSTEM so the next time you decide to accomplish a goal, you look forward to it, and the reward that follows!

 My daughter, is a wonderful example of a person with achieving each goal she sets with ambition and fortitude,  (I realize I am prejudiced and proud), so I will let you decide after reading this:

My daughter and her employer decided she would need to PASS the CPA Exam as part of her position.  The exams, (there are four of them) is said to be more difficult than the Bar.  The CPA exam is broken into four parts,and each part is accompanied with a very difficult exam in which a 75% or better must be achieved in order to pass.  (DEFINITION).

In order to achieve her ONE TERM Goal, she first did research.  She found that only 20% of applicants passed all four exams the first time they took it.  She, however did not FOCUS on that. She turned it into a goal in itself.  She not only would pass all 4 of the exams, she also would do it taking each test ONE TIME.   She concentrated her research to determine a time-frame in which she would take these exams and everything was either written down or tracked..  (DEFINITION)

 She decided to “double” the study time she initially thought would be needed to achieve her One-term Goal.  All of this was listed and she followed up with updating her spread sheet daily..  SHE THOUGHT LONG AND HARD HOW SHE WOULD FEEL AFTER PASSING THIS, and affirmed in her mind and precisely on paper what it had taken and took it.  (AFFIRMATIONS)

Each day by date she listed the hours she would study and visualized passing that test ONLY she was studying for.  She, in her mind, had 4 goals to achieve).  She visualized PASSING and did this as if it were one project so she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.

The company she worked for watched her work herself to death to do this.  She came home, ate, then studied.  She woke up early, and studied.  She studied so much, while working full time I often wondered if she might crack.  NOT HER.. She is an example of  someone who achieves her goals.  First, She wrote down specifics of what would be needed on her end to do this.  SHE PASSED ALL FOUR OF THESE EXAMS THE FIRST TIME SHE TOOK THEM!!!  (Happy Birthday, Lauren.  I dedicate this Post to you).  (FORTITUDE)

Yesterday, I asked her, how many hours she had studied over the four months for each test:  240 HOURS was her answer.  240 hours per part.  almost 1,000 hours. WHEN ACHIEVING A GOAL, YOU MUST REACH FOR THE TOP.  EACH AND EVERY GOAL REQUIRES DEDICATION, TENACITY, FORTITUDE, AND VISUALIZATION.

I watched her stress, but never saw her waiver or work so hard for anything in her life. Congratulations Lauren.  You are my inspiration.  As long as I live, I will remember your dedication and will set my own goals with you in mind.  Leave the REWARD up to me.

She thought, before she sat her goals.  Each of us when setting a goal will accomplish it if we set the bar a bit higher then what is realistic to achieve it.  This, brings the very best out in our soul and our spirit an our mind.  WE all have the power and yes, the spirit to do this, so let us affirm we will, whatever the goal and time frame.   SL

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Lauren (@guest_27)
6 years ago

What a beautiful dedication! Thank you for a great post. My favorite so far 🙂 I love you!

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