Our Daily Wisdom Word today is gossip.  I think today we will start off with the Webster Dictionary and Daily Wisdom Word definition. 

Webster’s meaning of Gossip-Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true  2.  A person who likes talking about people’s private lives 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of gossip- people who talk about others behind their back repeating half-truths and unverified statements. 

Gossip happens all the time.  Sadly, we engage in gossip not only by not talking about something we have heard not proven.  When we listen to gossip, we are participating in it.  Oftentimes, a person who gossips is told something in confidence.  It is confidential because if others heard what the person has shared with one who gossips, it may hurt them or others.  It happens every day. 

Sometimes we are participating in gossip not even realizing it.  I have in the past shared something someone told me in confidence thinking the information was insignificant only to find it is not to the person who shares it.  I have unintentionally gossiped, to make conversation with someone.  I later realize as I replay my conversation realize I have gossiped.  I have learned from past mistakes that others get hurt when secrets we may view as unimportant are shared.  I now find it best to operate under the agenda that the news one shares with me is news that is shared by them because it is their news.  By utilizing this agenda, it has served me well.  In fact, I have realized why the information was confidential as it plays out in various lies.  For example, Amanda is going to a weight loss clinic and shares this with a trusted friend.  In actuality, Amanda is embarrassed it has come to this.  Her “trusted friend” then repeats this to someone who mentions in confidence she would like to lose 10 pounds.  The information is shared with others and works its way back to Amanda.  Amanda is shy and private and she is so embarrassed everyone in the neighborhood knows about something she views as private.  It hurts her tremendously and Amanda distances herself from her trusted friend after confronting her.  Her trusted friend meant no harm but did in fact, gossip.  She shared information shared with her that was not hers to tell.  If someone confides in us, it is not up to us to decide to share it with others.  Food for thought today.  I bring this up because what may seem unimportant to us is greatly important to the one whose news it was.   Thanks so much for reading today.  

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