G R A C E–God’s   Revelation    And    Celebration     Eternally!!

GRACE, is a wisdom word I find truly beautiful. GRACE, stands with honor.  GRACE, stands with a humble soul, with compassion and Love, Hope and Peace.   Happy Easter to all and I pray this post honors this special day, Easter.

GRACE is amazing, and when we feel grace, we feel it our heart and soul.

GRACE means having such a deep compassion in your heart for others and forgiving others who don’t ask for forgiveness.  When we forgive, it is not just others we need to show forgiveness to.  Sometimes, in life we make mistakes, and hurt others without meaning to, and they forgive us, but We, CANNOT forgive, ourselves.  

Grace is compassion through our hearts and our soul.  We lose touch so easily in life of what is real and what is not.  Exercising Grace in our lives will lead to growth, internally, and the world we live in now, does not promote the things I am talking about.  Our world today has lost touch with morals and values, and there is a way back for all of us.

This post is inspired by the message I received in Church today, and grace and humility and reality and fantasy and COMFORT is what the minister spoke of.

Grace can overcome your shortcomings, and is a wisdom, in itself.  We think if we are comfortable by others doing for us, such as a vacation with fine dining and luxury in life with servants, and waiters and concierges.  (misconception)  Temporary comfort is all it brings us and what is it we are all ultimately searching for?    PEACE.

 When we are comfortable in our lives at others expense, we grow externally, and if a balance isn’t obtained, in which we do for others more then what is done for us, we lose GRACE.  “Gods good Graces” and the peace that offers, come, when we feel from others, the gratitude for what WE HAVE DONE FOR THEM, EXPECTING NOTHING FROM THEM FOR DOING IT!

 How do we strengthen Grace, (Gods revelations and celebrations eternally) within ourselves?  How do we program our internal compass to the destination of eternal peace?  What path do we need to take to strengthen our substance?

We program our personal compass, (Jesus), by leading rather than following. We lead others by the example we lead with.

We define who we are by the choices we make.  There are two paths:  One path leads to a short vacation of relaxation and temporary peace and short term comfort;  A temporary Vacation with others serving us to make us comfortable, which we pay for with our pocketbooks.

Vacations are great! I love them.   It is fine, “short-term”, but a temporary vacation is comfort, with others doing FOR US.  The waiters and servants do whatever we need, to be comfortable, EXTERNALLY.  , and the money is SPENT rather then SAVED.   First we spend with our pocket books.  Second, when we live like this everyday,(too comfortable at others expense), we stop growing.   We stop growing at the “expense of our soul”.  Too much comfort leads us to a dead end because we are not growing internally, and we are not at peace, with grace.

The other path leads to the permanent vacation. We sacrifice short term, but BENEFIT, LONG TERM, when we choose this path for our destination.   This path requires us to do more for others than we ask them to do for ourselves.  Peace, follows, and should we continue on this path, we will have eternal peace within, and we will live in GRACE. ( Gods Revelations and Celebrations, Eternally), and when we find ourselves seeking comfort at the EXPENSE of others we lose our way.

I love vacations, don’t get me wrong. We should always keep our long term path on course, however to grow internally.  We can choose our long term destination, and change our course of direction exercising grace with others leading to internal Peace.  Do more for others then we ask them to do for us!  We then know, we are on the right path, and direction, as we grow internally with peace, and Grace, and love and hope.  Happy Easter!!   SL

If anyone reads this post, and has exercised, this type of deep forgiveness, please share your story with us in my comments section if this post.

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