First, i’d like to say HAPPY NEW MONTH…and welcome to DWW MUSIC PROMPT. It going to be a different one today because someone very dear to us is celebrating her birthday today.

I know you want to send a wish in a poem to her or just a lovely happy birthday wish. Let us celebrate Samantha Leboeuf as she celebrates a new age today on DWW MUSIC PROMPT.

  • Watch Video
  • Compose a poem for Sam or just leave a happy birthday wish
  • Share with us via comment box below with #ForSam

We love you Sam…






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ReenieReid1 (@reeniereid1)
5 months ago

Samantha, my Sam
Your friendship means
The world to me
So much so you’re
My bestie
We bonded so fast
Talking for hours
Is such a blast
But today is your
Birthday- so I must
Tip my hat
To one of the
Coolest friends
With the biggest
I’ve ever had
I love you!
Happy Birthday
To my 303 from you 916

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago
Reply to  ReenieReid1

I just love this sweetie…..You’ve brought tears to my eyes…Speaking of poetry, your’s is awesome and is only getting better! read about poems, the daily wisdom word today…I talk about you and your painting!!! Your heart and warmth have filled a void I wasn’t aware of……I love you, bff….Sam thank you so very much!!

Reenie (@guest_8765)
5 months ago

I feel the same way- you know that! I’m so glad we became bff’s. You were someone I didn’t know I was missing either! No Verde on the other hand -teehee 😜🤣🤣🤣 You deserve the best Birthday EVER – 🥂🎂❤️

CurvyRedGurl (@curvyredgurl)
5 months ago

Blessed rotation comes again
a new time for memories created
an anniversary of this gifted love blue eyed & fair of skin
heart so big guaranteed a win.
Wishing many blessings this new chance to begin
Happiest of Birthdays to u my friend.
Much Love to you Samantha.

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago

Love you tons, son….You mean so much to me…..Sam

Michelle (@guest_8753)
5 months ago

With a heart that glows
like a fairy godmother
your light creates wonders
inspiring new vibrations
binding dreams
through lyrics of
your heart beats
charm of gentle nights
cradle your mind
as love drifts to
hold your smile
spirited in a birthday wish.

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

My gosh, Michelle! I love your words, and tearing up again……I love you and thanks so much for this amazing and kind poem!!! Sam

ReenieReid1 (@reeniereid1)
5 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

Michelle- this is beautiful and nails are Samantha to a tee- or tea if you are thirsty 🙌👏👏👏👏🎂🎉❤️

MrBassInYourFace (@mrbassinyourface)
5 months ago

Happy Birthday Sam
Thanks for inspiring me to be a better man
Hope this day finds your heart full
with lots of love cause it’s cool.
I’d write more but I gotta go to work
Hope this day gets you dancing until you twerk.
Happy Birthday Samantha. -MrBassInYourFace

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago

Thank you so very much for taking the time to post this kind and thoughtful poem!!! glad you are a part of our family…..Sam

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago

Thank you so very much, my Daily Wisdom Words Family!! Speaking of family, I truly love you all….This meant so much to me and yes, despite your cute poems, did tear up!! love the song, Monday……and friends….You all may not realize it, but you mean more to me than you ever could know….This is the best birthday gift you could have given me…..Each and every one of you is a part of the brightest stars in the sky, full of inspiration, talent and beauty….I truly do love you all…….Sam

Michelle (@guest_8755)
5 months ago

Happy birthday sweet sam
You’re the best…💫

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

So are you, my dear, and truly amazing…..love you, Sam

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