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POEMS                                     HOW DO WE KNOW IF WE WRITE POETRY WELL?

Many of us write poems and often wonder if what we write or how we have written, is a good poem.  I often share with others that poems we write or poetry is subjective.  It is often wonderful to many and not to others.  It is simply a matter of taste if your poem is a good one or not.  What is most important is having the confidence to actually try to write a poem. 

My friend  recently in her fifty years, has now discovered she can paint Pictures!  It is amazing what we are able to do, but never are fully aware of what these things may include because we honestly haven’t put the effort into initially trying.  Poetry is the same.  Many of us can write wonderful poetry, but may not be aware of it.  I have many members who join our website for a writing community that not only promotes your work in writing of any kind, but encourages you!  I find it fascinating when I hear as the founder of daily wisdom words others who are just starting to write poetry.  They want to know how I feel about a poem they have written but are just starting out.  I have seen so often their first attempts at poetry and continued to encourage them and cannot believe the improvement the majority of them make over time with practice.  

They’re descriptive adjectives and adverbs and metaphors only improve!  Many of them had not idea they would actually be so good at writing a poem.  We have daily prompts with live hosts to encourage all writers.  We believe over time, and with practice they only get better with their internal gift.  The best feeling in the world I get as the founder of Daily Wisdom Words, LLC is when I hear an indebted thank you for our encouragement as the team we are, with their writing.  Poetry doesn’t  have to rhyme to be considered a poem!  I do write most of my poetry with rhymes but some of the best poems I’ve read do not rhyme but do paint a picture with words.  

There are very few things related to our brain we do that require “BOTH” sides of our brain, our creative side and logical side to do.  Often people are surprised when I let them know poetry is one of these things.  This is why writers often find other creative avenues opening for them like my friend who is very good at painting already.  With each picture I see she is painting, I see improvement.  This is also true for poetry.  Please, if you have not attempted to write a poem, make sure to attempt to at least write a poem in your lifetime.  You may just surprise yourself.  I have seen this more often work and successful poems in my opinion result from attempting to write a poem.  Tomorrow is my official birthday.  It would mean so much to me to see when this is published tomorrow, many poems written in the comments section beneath this post.  

As I mentioned, my personal belief is that poetry is subjective and so is what decides what the daily wisdom word, Poems means.  I will not be posting the Webster definition of the word, or my definition as poetry cannot be confined to a “one definition fits all” box.  Great Poems involve creativity, imagination and the meaning within our hearts which reveals itself in our words, whatever they are.  

Today, as I write this, it is Halloween.  For my birthday, sign up today!!  I would love to welcome you to our poetry family and see your progress as you try writing in any capacity whether it be poetry, short stories, or a novel!!  We have room for all writer’s and make sure to give your $10 one time investment its full worth and them some!

Thanks so much, Samantha LeBoeuf/Founder, Dailywisdomwords.com.  If you want to sign up, simply vidit our website just listed, and you will immediately see a place to do so!!  

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