Who are you?  What makes up your identity?  What characteristics do you have that are unique and defining?  Identity is probably one of the most important daily wisdom words we can discuss.  Identity is a  full, colorful picture of who you are from head to toe.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the meaning of identity from our Webster Dictionary and Daily Wisdom Words Definition.

Identity-1.  the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.  2.  the characteristics determining what or who a thing is. 

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  The creation of a human being and what makes the identity or DNA of that individual, including characteristics, physical and psychological, physical attributes and personification, even our names.  

Our identity tell people and ourselves who we are.  The most important part of our identity is that we understand who we are to begin with, before we can share this with others, which is part of being an adult.  Even as adults, interestingly enough, we are still discovering sides of ourselves and special characteristics, like what we think about our morals and values.

Our identity is precious and should never be taken for granted or looked down upon by ourselves.  If your like me, you have a tendency to be hard on yourself, and this leads us back to judging who we are.  It is hard enough in this world, with others judging us negatively or mistakenly, without us joining in with the crowd.  We need to have confidence in exactly who we are.  This includes the good, bad and pretty and ugly.  We not only need to have confidence in ourselves, but we need to accept ourselves unconditionally. 

Our identity in most ways is formed when we are born by a special set of chromosomes that no one else in the world has, except when dealing with twins, and there are subtle differences there as well.  However, this brings me to my next point.  Twins have almost identical DNA.  It was thought until recently, twins did have identical DNA, (“the claim:  identical twins have identical DNA”, March 2019 New York Times), showed a study that shows there are small differences in their DNA, yet why are these two people so different from each other?  Our identity, due to our DNA if we were raised in an incubator, if our DNA was the same, should logically make us the same. However, environmental differences, in for example our sensitivity levels, or environmental issues with how we were raised, make us completely different even if we are twins!

We need to treasure the fact that there really is only one of us out there to be meaningful at the very least.  We are special, and although we should always remain humble and open to others thoughts and opinions, we should have self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect if for nothing other than that fact of who we are as a loving person.  

We are human, and sometimes we do things that surprise even us, which makes us normal, so don’t worry if you occasionally  wonder this.  However, if your an adult, and you wonder all of the time about it, it is very important you figure it out, for your sake.  You deserve to know who you are.  How do you figure out who you are if you still have questions about this?  As with anything, whatever you do question, give it a try.  Let’s say you hate bananas.  You know this because, you’ve tried them and they don’t appeal to you.  This basic analogy is exactly how you handle the more complex questions as well within safe boundaries. 

Thanks so much for reading about identity and what makes us individuals who are unique and special today.  God gave us such a gift:  Ourselves, and who we are as individuals.  Imagine what you would know about yourself if you were born twenty years from today as the field of genetic codes and DNA continues to expand.

We already understand weak/strong characteristics and how they relate to our chromosomal makeup or DNA.  We already have testing so sensitive, it picks up our future odds of developing Alzheimer’s Disease or heart disease and so much more.  We don’t want science to know quicker than we discover personally who we are or, our own identity.  If you’re reading this article, and haven’t really wondered seriously who you are, maybe it is time to start.  A related field, that may help you, is the study of genetics, and family history.  Then, of course, we have ourselves to take an interest in our identity as well, the most important “marker” of all.

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