They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Carl W. Buechner

Yes! We have finally stepped, graciously, into 2021. I really didn’t do any stepping but sleeping. Funny right?

I slept into the new year because I was heavily jetlagged but I didn’t forget to say “Thank you Jesus”.

With your permission, I’d like to appreciate members of Daily Wisdom Words. 2020 was creatively great and somewhat not what we expected. No one expected it-not even the CDC or WHO.

If I was to give an award to some amazing writers at Daily Wisdom Words, hmmmm…

Thinking about it now makes it a little spicy because you all are amazing. Check them out!

@reeniereid1 – Most supportive writer.

You want to know my reason? I guess you already know. Her love for art is without biase, an attribute that comes with humility.


Michelle Hugelmann – Most Caring Writer.

She undoubtedly deserves this award. I’ll tell you why. Each time I miss the prompt, she reaches out to me.

“Monday, how are you doing? Hope all is well? Just wanted to check up you”

That’s Michelle checking up on me. I am very certain I’m not the only one she cares about. Hi, Michelle.


Robert Frost – Most Romantic writer.

He would have passed for the most wittiest in this writing community. “I’ll post after a cup of coffee 😊😁😂”

But, in his comical flare he still had a bond with romance which is evident in all his write. I know many will agree with me when I say “Robert is Rocomantic” Hahahahaha…I’m going to stop here. He may throw one at me very soon.


Mr Bass In Your Face & Curvy Red Gurl – Most Lyrical Couple.

Yes. You heard it! They’re lyrical. You should follow their band and listen to amazing songs that’ll make you joyous. Let me tell you a bit about them, they always make you smile. Samantha LeBoeuf can testify to that.


Karl Womack – Most Prompt Writer

There’s never a day he doesn’t starts every prompt with a poem and I love him for that.

If I were to give an award, I will gladly give these people at Daily Wisdom Words.





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@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9055)
3 months ago

Monday, I agree with dear Michelle; your kindness and charm feeds all of us here. Of course Michelle is correct: a virtual toast to you, Monday, and to everyone here who has made this writing community one of the best things to follow us into the new year. Thank you so much for everything you do, Monday.

And a huge congratulations to Michelle, Reenie, Karl, Mr Bass In Your Face & Curvy Red Gurl! I look forward to everyone’s writing in the new year…. Now. About that coffee, Monday… ;-))))))

Cheers, everyone!

Michelle (@guest_9050)
3 months ago

Ah abuh i lay hold my mind in your kindness n charm. Did i ever told u u have charm . And yes my thoughts are bonded to you and everyone here cuz we are a family. So u are most deserving too of this award. Thank you for everything. Bless be your sentiments to all of us we love you💖

Michelle (@guest_9052)
3 months ago

🥂verde will welcome the toast our romantic writer😊😚

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