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Why does INDULGENCE for ourselves, seem to hold more power in our world, every day?  What does indulgence mean to you, and how is it best described?

Webster Definition:  1.  Indulging or “being Indulgent”.  Indulge is to “give way to one’s desires.  2. A favor or “Privilege”.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  INDULGENCE- The new direction of self-absorbency and lifestyle “promoted daily”  leading to eventual selfishness and a “lifestyle” in today’s World between “MODERATION, and Daily INDULGENCE of oneself.

I have a friend, that lost her mother recently.  I admire her greatly.  She is so clear and concise on the narrow path to eternal life when she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior. After receiving a call from her friend, she caught the first flight she was able, praying she would make it in time to see her mother alive, and fortunately she made it to her mother’s bedside. she made it to her bedside in time to say goodbye, BUT, not before she was able to ask her mother ONE QUESTION so very important to her.

She asked her mother if she would “LIKE” to accept Jesus as her Personal LORD, and Savior, and her mother nodded yes;  It was a miracle for her to see her mother accept him for eternity, and shortly after this, she passed…..

My friend came home, with that comfort, and of course, loss, but focused on the comfort in knowing she will see her mother again, and how happy her mother will be eternally, seeing her loved ones.  She didn’t put her feelings of loss first, nor the pain of loss, we know our hearts feel with grief of losing someone we love.   She chooses to live her life placing others before herself.  If she had not asked her mother if she wished to accept Jesus, this miracle would not have happened.

This friend would do anything for me, or anyone.  She is loyal, and true to herself.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, She is true to her beliefs. Her “opinions”, are never “swayed” by others opinions, and does not “judge” them, even when their “beliefs” differ from her own. She looks at the glass half full, not half empty, and finds her “pleasure”, in allowing herself to be a tool, guiding others in a positive direction.  She is “happy”.  She likes nice things, but “INDULGENCE” in a word to her that means “SHE indulges others with her gift of giving in her heart.

When we spend our lives trying best to figure out how to make ourselves more comfortable, with our I-Phones, nice homes, drugs, sex, gambling, overeating and most importantly, ignoring our internal feeling of right and wrong, when we take anything PAST THE POINT OF Moderation, are we really internally happy?

When we “INDULGE” ourselves through pursuing “ONLY” pleasure, we lead a life in which we “think we are happy”, but inside ourselves, we know the truth, that the happiness is “contingent” only on the “receiving or pursuing of those “THINGS”, successfully. We miss all of the opportunities God gives us and the power of the choices we make, and just how much, or how little, we think about the consequences of choices made for ourselves based on indulgence and in some cases, we don’t even “think” of how these choices affect others when we make those choices.  What are our chances of finding a sincere deep happiness in our souls” oddly found through giving of ourselves to others.

Hedonism is the lifestyle by “default”, some of us are choosing to live.  This becomes our lifestyle, by default, when we have a choice, with self indulgence as a priority when choosing.  Perhaps you believe different, and I want anyone who reads this, to know this is only my thoughts, and what I feel will be my answers.  I don’t judge others for their opinions, and hope I can share mine without being judged.

I called my friend and asked for her opinion on this post, and made sure what I have written is okay with her to write.  Happily, she gave that permission.  All of us can “stop” at any time and change the course or destination by reprogramming our GPS, taking different directions, to a different final destination.

WHAT makes you happy?  Are you happy now?  We live in a world, in which COMMUNICATION, is “reduced” to texts, and tweets and posts.  Would your life be different without the Television, “(high definition” of course), X-boxes, gambling, taking from life instead of giving to it.  Would our lives be happier by making different choices?  I do my best, but still find myself going in that direction and I re-program my GPS.

‘All of the above, is fine in MODERATION.  However, when I see my friend smile, I wonder just how much “self-indulgence” I seek, and if we truly are happy searching for “external pleasures,” to obtain INTERNAL HAPPINESS in a world promoting self indulgence, making everything as “comfortable as possible, just for US.

We have so much to offer, and give….Food for thought….Thank you for reading!  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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