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What is Normal?  How do we define what Normal is, when what is “Normal for One person,  may be completely different than what is normal for you?

Normal is the dictionary is defined like this:  A state of mind; wellbeing

Normal also is an interesting Wisdom Word, because of this fact.

What keeps us in our unique “normal” state of mind?

We all rely on certain things to be.  For example, I place a towel out by my shower every evening for my morning shower the next day.  If, I woke up, and went to take my shower, and the towel from the previous evening,  wasn’t there, I would be thrown into the beginnings of normalcy melt down.

Why could something, as little as a towel, throw me off of my “NORMAL”?  The answer is simple:  WE ALL have a routine, whether we are conscious of it or not.  We all have a schedule whether we are conscious of it or not.

What happens when we have a day where everything seems to be out of wack?  What can we do, to get our equilibrium back on track?

First, we must be conscious of our own normal.  Write down a schedule of things for you that happen every day.  When your finished, you may be surprised, because we all really do “have expectations, of what we view as normal, and in all honesty, having one or two things wrong, or off schedule, can easily lead to normalcy meltdown.”

As I write this, I think of how easy it has been for me to get from normal to crazy!  The way things go within my day, seems to be my determining factor.  Ask yourself;  What causes your normal to go south?

How do we revamp a day, that seems to be completely unexpected and we are frustrated, late for an appointment, irritated, predictive, (we feel The Whole day is a disaster, and we are thrown off kilter?

First, we STOP an take a TIME OUT.  Go to a quiet place. Spend at least five minutes taking slow  deep breaths and we think about an “OVERHAUL”.  What do I mean when I say “overhaul”?

We take control of our day. We take the quiet time and use it to rearrange whatever we can to get back to your “NORMAL”.  WE THINK and breath deeply.  

Another way to “get back to your normal” is to take a power nap for 10 minutes.  You must shift whatever it is, taking another path, to get back on your right track to normal.  Sl

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