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Why is inequality such an important issue today?  How is it defined in our Webster Dictionary?

Inequality-1.  difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of inequality-imbalance of power.

A lack of control or imbalance of power leads to the feeling the situation is unfair and imperfect. I know growing up, I always felt inequality.  I have an older sister and older brother that were half siblings.  Their biological father was different than my father.  My mother allowed my older sister and brother to see their father for visitation.  Both my brother and sister never understood due to the financial inequality.

Both of them went on vacations that my father who was raising me, could never afford.  I always felt “less than”, due to the things my older sister and brother were able to experience and those feelings of inequality were very real to me.  I was about eleven years old at the time, and this example of inequality affected my childhood.  I never felt “good enough” or as good about myself as they must have felt.

Inequality happens on a global basis and is based many times on a countries wealth compared to another.  Wealth of another country has a huge effect on the other country who has the least amount of resources.  It’s almost as if Countries, have a personality of their known and an ego as well.  The larger countries who have more money are sometimes aware of the inequality and sometimes take advantage of it just as some countries take advantage of the fact that they are poor having unrealistic expectations.

One last point I would like to make, is if we are the underdog financially, or otherwise, we have the power to become independent by creating our own resources not allowing the larger countries to take advantage of us.

Thanks so much for reading about inequality today.  Have a blessed day, and when your finished reading, scroll down beneath this article, where it says, “join the discussion” and leave a comment, poem or quote about inequality and your thoughts on it.
















































































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