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‘What does introspection mean?  How does it apply to us?

introspection-the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Introspection-Taking a look at the entire health of ourselves by ourselves.  A stopping point which we slow completely down and look at our own health and make an assessment.

Introspection is a very important daily wisdom word.  Life is busy.  Most of us at my age, work a full-time job, have a house to maintain, have weekends off which they spend playing catch-up with the responsibilities of their lives.  Life becomes about time management, and trying to be happy when we are completely overloaded.  There is a point where we have to stop and do some introspection.  We need to place everything on pause, go to a quiet place where we are away from our cell phones, and give ourselves the gift of being honest with ourselves.

We know ourselves better than anyone.  We are all different as well.  What I may react to as being too stressful, another person may be able to comfortably handle it.  It really goes deeper than that, even.  Some of us have stronger coping mechanisms then others.  When we do, and we examine ourselves where it is quiet and we deliberately give ourselves a mental health check, we may find we personally, are fine.

I am a very sensitive person and a I need to do introspection on myself both mentally and physically very often,  I tend to get focused on others leaving my own problems in the dust.  When I am being honestly introspective with myself, I focus on others problems sometimes because of course I care, but also it is easier not to deal with my physical and mental issues.  I have had breast cancer, spondylolisthesis, one spinal fusion, one neck fusion, a very strange, rare condition known as dequervain’s syndrome so when I decide to be introspective, there are usually physical issues.

I think introspection is absolutely necessary from a mental standpoint as well.  A friend of mine is so depressed, she cannot cope with life’s normal problems.  I keep telling her, if she will get help to treat the depression, she will be able to cope with life easier.

Thanks so much for reading about introspection with me today.  When your finished reading this article, scroll down beneath it where it says, “join the discussion” and leave a comment, quote or poem about introspection.

Have a beautiful day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Joe Peponis (@guest_2765)
1 year ago

I’m late to the table I do apologize. A very good topic and much needed discussions that needs to take place. Dealing with how and why we react to or how we process things internally. Self reflection is key to personal growth and understanding a part of good mental health. Why do we react to things and how it effects our emotional state. Do we see ourselves in what others do or say. Do I project my insecurities onto others? Why do I feel a certain way? I think if we look inward we can find many answers. Finding quiet… Read more »

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