What is the difference between “intuition, verses instinct”

? I believe, intuition, is a process in which we feel, also known as our SIXTH SENSE. I think we have two voices: The voice we use to speak and sing,and verbally communicate with; our “inner voice”. I don’t know about you, but I can actually hear my intuition speaking to me. Besides, it wouldn’t make sense if this weren’t the case. Think about it. God gave us two ears to hear, so why not two voices to listen to? Intuition, just like all of your other gifts, can be developed, like a muscle. Intuition is that first voice: The one you hear, before you speak with your second voice, aloud.

Believe it or not, Intuition, and our instinct is completely different in meaning and the way our brain processes each of these wonderful tools. If a brain scan is performed, intuition, and our instinct operate from two completely different areas in our brain. We also use them completely different. one is a feeling, the other, a message to take action.

Instinct, is innate. We were born with it. Intuition is developed.

How is intuition developed, and how can we make the most of it, so we can use it in our daily lives? Intuition, can be an added asset we have in evaluating any situation, or decision or option or choice.

My hope, is each of these wisdom words, become a tool, in a box, called your, Tool box for Life. When you need a fresh perspective, you will remember, the wisdom words you read about, and it will enhance your life, or help in some way.

Intuition is so important. As we grow up, we see a series of images, pictures, objects, events, and the data is entered into our brains processing center, giving us, Intuition. We form a whole other gift, which I call our sixth sense, Intuition.   Intuition is our inner voice.  It has its own voice, and it gives you the additional information, through your feelings, and emotion, so your decisions with anything are “guided”.

Some companies prefer to hire women for sales positions, because of their emotional judgement, and their ability to connect with the prospective buyer.  (intuition accentuates our initial emotional assessment of any situation or emotional judgement, of someones character).

My intuition, when I listen to it is the first feeling I have, and when I go with what it is telling me, I usually make the right choice.

We can strengthen our intuition through prayer, (when we ask God to direct us), meditation, and last, evaluating our dreams.  Instinct, has no part in this, so yes, these two words, although synonyms in the dictionary, are completely different!

How do you use your intuition?  Has it helped you in some way you would like to share?  I would love to hear from anyone who has a comment, or would like to email me a question.

I will lead, with an example of how iintuition, literally could have saved me years worth of pain.  I was in a previous relationship that was emotionally abusive.  I met this person, and he played an authoritative role in my life.  He was someone who I respected, automatically.  I have to say, my intuition, however, was screaming at me, something wasn’t right, but he said and did all the right things, so I chose to ignore it.  .Big mistake.  We would have a perfect date.  Then, he would disappear via phone, text, etc., after it, for days.  I caught him in several lies, and three years later, after he dumped me, I remembered my first impression of him my own intuition had been trying to tell me, but I wasn’t “tuned in” to listen.

Intuition, is our internal voice or special channel or “radio station”.  We just have to learn to tune in to the right channel so we get the fullest benefit of our intuition, and hear it wisely, so the power it has in our life is captured, with good internal listening skills.    SL,

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