Justice, takes many forms and shapes, but boils down to the same thing for all of us:  Vindication for what is fair in this world for wrongdoings or personal violations.  However,  it does seem, sometimes the scales don’t appear to balance properly.

Justice is a Wisdom Word that can be affected by how emotionally involved you are.  Justice can be personal, and because of this, sometimes it is necessary for us to stand back, and take a long pause, so we can respond to the personal violation, rather than react to the situation or person(s) who we seek justice from.

What is the difference between responding and reacting?  It can be very, “basic”, such as waiting five seconds to allow you to think of your response is a dialog, and if you are angry, an absolutely necessary tool in your tool box to rely upon.

I really admire my son, who is an attorney  He took a case, Pro Bono,  fighting for justice for a veteran, who could not afford, proper representation.  I saw the conviction in his eyes to get Justice for a veteran who had been denied his benefits for not filing for them on time due to a mental health condition.  I am proud to say, ultimately, he won the case, and he was able to utilize the justice available to us, to fight for someone who could not fight for himself in a court of law and win.   Ultimately, Justice prevailed.

Sometimes, however, we struggle with situations which we feel we are entitled to some form of justice. Because life, is not perfect, neither is the justice in our world. I have struggle with justice for over 7 years.

7 years ago, I was in a great deal of back pain, and proceeded to see a neurologist, who said it would be necessary to perform surgery, a spinal fusion, to stop the pain, and fuse together my discs.  After the surgery, I wore a hard brace for three months.

Part of my recovery included Physical therapy.  A whole new unbearable, excruciating pain, started just above the surgery.  I ultimately saw a Pain Management Specialist, and was diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  

RSD is a pain condition, that can bring you to your knees, and has literally cost me my career, and I can’t help but wonder, where is my justice?  The cause?  There is no answer, as it is not genetic, but surgeries, and wearing a hard brace, for extended periods of time can cause RSD, and this condition, along with other things, not in my control, I am not responsible for.

Where is the justice, in this?  I have asked God so many times, why me?  Why do I suffer daily with unbearable pain?  The answer?  I don’t have one!  Should I blame the surgeon when the surgery, itself was a success?  This kind of justice, is not covered by a law.  Who do I hold accountable?

This “kind of Justice”,  cannot be understood, but I do know I have grown as a person from my illness, and going through the struggles, has made me stronger.  Bad things happen to good people, and I believe someday, I will understand.  God has a purpose for me, even though I don’t understand the justice in my personal situation.  I, or no one else had any ill will, and this just happened.

There are other people out there, who have it far worse than me, and I have many blessings to count.  Where is their justice?

My ultimate point, is Justice is not always seen because WE aren’t able to control things in this world.
I wanted to share this, because there is much internal anger, and our human nature is to seek “Justice”, but true justice for me is in the form of acceptance.

 I still believe God has a reason for everything, and I do have faith, that Justice comes in me fighting this condition, because we can’t always go to a court of law to seek our Justice in this world.

Ultimately, justice in a perfect world, should be readily available, but we can’t, shouldn’t and don’t control other people, places or things.  Instead of being angry and looking for someone to blame,  I focus on strengthening my faith in God, and work on acceptance, knowing Justice is seen everyday in the successes and triumphs for the people I love,  and the help and support of others so willing to help when I need it.

We don’t always get a choice, with Justice.  Bad things do happen to good people.  Everything in life, is not perfect, including us, so justice must come in the form of acceptance and peace.   SL

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