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LIMITATIONS                                  DAILY WISDOM WORDS

What are your limitations?  How far do you go, with them before stopping?

Lets take a look at the Webster meaning of limitations:  1.  Something that is constrained, or defined.
Boundaries:  2. a prescribed maximum or minimum

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  The maximum a person is capable of, assessed by mental and physical attributes.  2.  Limitations one places upon themselves.

Limitations, are a “wonder wisdom word”, because, being aware of ours, is crucial to living a healthy and balanced life.

What happens, when we can set our “limits” for the day, based on less than this?

Being permanently disabled, has taught me not to push too far, but I realized, after having breast cancer, and my pain illness, not able to work, I no longer was “in complete control” of my limitations.

I’m realizing three years later, that, although I may not “control them”, I can guide them and challenge myself to do better each day.  If,  I am not pushing my limitations, I am not striving towards something, I am stopping instead, dead in my tracks.

When we set our limitations, I believe they should be within our reach, but adjusted just above what we think we can do.

When we stop “challenging” ourselves to be a better person, we have allowed our assessment of our limitations, to fall.  Life is about, being the best you can be.

“Life, is about following directions, realizing when we have made a wrong turn, getting back on the right path, and always striving towards the destination”, so being aware of our limitations, and challenging them, becomes an integral part of what we are able to strive for.

Limitations, should never “define” who we are;  Limitations should only define, how far were able to go.  We see the exceptions to this rule, all the time.  The Olympics is a perfect example.  People, with God’s help can begin “CREATING” their own limitations, and they are limitless in what they accomplish.

Giving  us a starting place to be a better person, and being honest with ourselves, is crucial with limitations, if your in control of your own time.  It becomes easy not to challenge, altogether.
We cannot give into that if we wish to be what our intention for us was to begin with:  “Be the best you can be, and you will be the best you’re able to be.”

 We should not always take in to the easiest path, because many times, the easiest path, is not the right one.

I believe, the best things in life, are the hardest worked for.  I believe we can “invest” in our limitations, making ourselves the exception to the rule, and not the “rule” instead.

Accomplishments in life, and our LIMITATIONS should not be set trying to be better than others.
Limitations should be set, to better ourselves, and we find in this life, the rewards for doing just that,
are  ironically “limitless!”  SL

Time to play Wisdom Wordology, A game of the mind….Wisdogram for Limitations:
(L)iving  (I)sn’t  (M)eaningful  (I)f  (T)houghts (A)re  (T)rapped  (I)nhibitions  (O)r  (N)egitive 


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