Raised to be respectful and kind,
Taught to fear and pay homage to God unseen
Demoralized to parrot, not learn; Damaged to forget passion, just earn
The human part in the human race is hard to find.
The directions aren’t clear, the books are against my rights.

I’m lost, and you’re not here
You’ve taken the braces off of a man that can’t walk at all
I’m lost. to you, I thought I was dear
The human race is the start of our fall

I still have hope, it’s all I have
I’m lost, but this compass
Whispers softly, tiredly, but reassuringly
“Your pain too shall pass.”

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Lexi Candelario (@guest_100)
3 years ago

Ms. Leboeuf, I was the writer, I think my device glitched so it didn’t place my name

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