Have any of us been perfectly “LOYAL”, and what does “Loyalty”mean to you?  Loyalty, according to my college Webster, means partly this:  Faithful to a cause or ideal:  Constant.

When I think of loyalty, I know just how much it means to me, to have someone or something inside me, I remain loyal, to.  I think of my partner.  He is so faithful, but selfishly, I notice I think of loyalty from another to myself.

I think a good lesson is to have the opposite perception, and place loyalty “from yourself to others, FIRST.  How can we be “better” at loyalty?  Perhaps we should never be afraid to defend that person or idea we are loyal to, for fear of another we are communicating with, not sharing this same concept.

Sadly, most of us, are afraid to stand up for what we believe in sometimes if it does not go with the popular flow, and is different and unique. If I look at a quality from another I have seen, (loyalty to a cause, for instance), and I hear them stand UP for what they believe in, I admire them.  Why not admire myself a little more and exercise “LOYALTY” to causes and people more than I have in the past?

Every daily wisdom word has some lesson behind it, and LOYALTY, not only affects ourselves and how we feel about us, but it affects our OPINION of others who have this important, in depth quality.

Never be afraid to stand up for what/who you believe in.  Never be fearful of what “others may think and disagree with, when not in line to how we think.  Express your inner protection outwardly, for thoughts, ideals, people and subject.  

You may find by being honest with yourself, what you thought was displayed loyalty on your end, has not been expressed strongly enough.  Who you thought was a loyal individual, is not what loyalty could mean when one really feels it in their heart.


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