What is the definition of magic?  Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary and get its definition.

Magic-The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.  2.  a quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, especially in a way that gives delight.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Magic-1.  Something very special you can feel in the air and around people especially at Christmas time.

Magic is a rare and wonderful thing and a gift that we don’t see very often.  If you truly wish to see magic, wait until Christmas time.  You will see the magic in children’s eyes looking for Santa Claus to make his way across the world on Christmas Eve.  You will see the light in their eyes as they get on a computer and watch his map of stops.  You will see this magic at the movie theaters as Hollywood takes us to their version of Christmas;  This year, the movie is, ” As the grinch stole Christmas”.

I think the most powerful magic you can feel which is elusive as any kind of hat trick you can find, is the magic of family traditions.  We have something we call bake night or bake day, depending on the weather here in Colorado, (snow is preferable) where we make a ton of recipes and put the baked good in those old danish tins that stand out and are so beautiful.  We then give them to our friends or people less fortunate than us.

It isn’t what we bake that makes bake night so special though.  It is the magic in all of us working together, laughing and throwing flour at one another messing up the kitchen with all of these recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation and all of the love that is in that kitchen.  Magic can’t be seen that often in life, but it does exist.

Just watch this time of year at any church service and you will also see the power of magic.  You will see everyone with a candle lighting their neighbor’s candle and so forth and then all the lights are dimmed and all of the candles are held up from all the members.  The whole room lights up with magical lights and you feel a feeling of love that is magic.

Christmas is the time of year when magic is free. Look around at your neighbor’s faces after they get their outdoor lights up and that feeling of satisfaction they have when they see the joy in other’s faces when enjoying these lights.

There is magic in the creativity of one at Christmas Time.  My best friend’s husband is a plumber and he just got through creating candy canes out of old plumbing pipe.  Christmas is not just for children and the magic they behold.  Christmas time brings the magic out in all of us;  Children and adults alike.

Thank you so much for reading about daily wisdom words today.  Have a beautiful and blessed holiday season and a very merry and magical Christmas……

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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