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How innocent are we?  I believe the more connected to God, the more innocent one becomes, because innocence, without spiritual, or even positive guidance, is lost. I also believe, with good, comes evil, and  there are those that use “MANIPULATION” when this innocence, is recognized.

What exactly is living in Innocence and more importantly, why is it the antithesis, manipulation, used by others more often now than ever?  Is Innocence, something we only experience during childhood when being a part of other children’s worlds?

Innocence is so special, and so precious.because to know all the horrors of the world, or to be a part of them, is what takes innocence away from us.  We cannot control a “loss of innocence”.  Unfortunately, the more we experience in life, the Less innocent we become.

I am writing on this daily wisdom word, because, I warn all of you, if you have a relationship based on the “innocence” you see in someone’s face, and what they are portraying, be careful, if you see their actions, mismatched with their words.  It becomes very likely they are “manipulating” you.

Many times, deception, as well as manipulation, is portrayed as Innocence.  If someone doesn’t want you to know who they are, they will hide behind the doorway of “innocence”, a place they are easily able to “manipulate” from.  If, they are hiding behind others morals and values, by watching their actions, you will know if your the victim of manipulation.  I had to learn this the hard way, and keep having to learn it.

Innocence is so beautiful, and I always look for the good in others, and we all have a tendency to judge other’s thinking patterns, and behaviors, on our book of ethics, when in fact, they have their own. This is a key element to remember when getting to know anyone.

One important thing in a relationship, as it gets further along, and serious, make sure you are aware of what book of ethics they are living their lives by.  Remember,  Actions speak louder than words.  If they are sharing with you, how faithful they are, and you look at their cell phone, and find texts sent back and forth between the opposite sex that are personal, no matter how they justify it, their “ACTIONS” have spoken already.

This is one sure way to tell what form of character the people in your world take, by watching their actions.  Words, are unfortunately, just that:  Words, without action that matches those words, makes you, are the victim of manipulation.  I have written about many wisdom words, most good, and some bad,  and unfortunately, manipulation is a part of our world, now more than ever.

I can see social media changes which reinforce my fear that those “ethics and values and morals” I write about, are becoming more and more, a part of our past.   Manipulation, is part of this world, and you, are your only protector, along with God, who gives you that “inner voice”,  I believe a tiny part of his, called intuition.

Innocence is sometimes, portrayed by someone deceptive through “avoidance”.  Avoidance, is yet another form of “manipulation”.  If someone asks a question, and they dodge your answer, or better yet, they don’t answer at all, not only are you being manipulated, they have crossed the line, and it is completely disrespectful.  Who will protect you?  ONLY you, and Gods inner voice.  

You can make a “difference” in this world, if you, write, like me,  or do anything when communicating, and hope what you write, or say, helps another,  and you follow it through your own actions, you have made a difference!

 Another way we are manipulated, is through “social media” and manipulation, and making things right, you believe are wrong, is confusing.  Listen to your “inner voice”.  This voice is a huge gift from God, and the more we follow it, the stronger it gets, and if your going to follow something, it is best to follow this.  Following others, means your using their directions, not your own.

Watch carefully some of the advertisements and social website posts.  There is more identity theft now, then ever, and sadly yet another form of manipulation;  this time your identity.

There are wonderful people in this world, and on the opposite side, please remember we all make mistakes, so if your associating with someone who has hurt you, and they have a conscience, and truly are apologetic, there is always room for forgiveness.  It is possible their heart is in the right place,  and if so, they are already self-talking with shame and guilt.  There is no need in cases such as this, to add fuel to the fire.  We all can change.  We can start with today, and take it one day at a time, and focus, on helping others, and be very sure in any relationship your not the victim of manipulation.

I believe once a victim, NOT ALWAYS a victim.  Why?  Because God will keep us strong, and what happened to us, will be something, given time, and healing, we can overcome, and possibly use in the future, to give another guidance.

SL  WISDOGRAM  for manipulation, to come!  This will be a difficult one, so be patient, and play along yourself!

Best I could come up with!!!  Daily Wisdom Wordology Wisdogram:  MANIPULATION

Submit your Wisdogram!!  I am sure you can come up with a better solution!!!    final results emailed to Samantha@www.dailywisdomwords.com, submitted by 3/13/15 @ 12:00pm

(M)aneuvering (A)nother’s  (N)eeds,  (I)ntentionally, (P)urposely (U)sed  (L)eaving  (A)dvantage  (T)aken  (I)n, (O)thers  (N)iavety. 

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