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CLOSURE 100th daily wisdom word!!

CLOSURE  100th daily wisdom word!!
Closure, is necessary for us, when ending a relationship, even a place of employment,.

If you’ve ever gotten laid off, you expect to have some kind of explanation. 
What if you never knew why you were laid off?  This is a business relationship, but still,
we expect, closure.

If you have ever decided to leave a job, one you’ve worked at for a good period of time, don’t you “rehearse what you will say with a bit of nervousness of course, the night before you give your resignation?

In fact, the resignation is a great way when leaving a place of employment, to give closure.

Closure, is necessary for both parties, whether ending any relationship or having it ended.

The hardest type of closure, is when love or deep emotion is involved, and if there is doubt, about
ending it, especially when time has past, and you still think of the person, you have ended with an “unfinished past instead of a “fresh start and generally a lack of Closure.

Closure, is such an important wisdom word.  I was visiting my sister in California, for a few days, and I hadn’t seen her in 5 years.  She, as well as I, have had health issues, but at one time, we were very close.  I know with her current health, there is more of a possibility, she might have something happen, and with her surgeries, near, I wanted to say goodbye.  I didn’t care if it might be premature,
I wanted, closure. 

I have always treated my older sister with respect.  I have given my heart and soul to her, when she needed me, but after she began drinking, on a daily basis, and divorced, she began gossiping, which in turn, I found out it was unfortunately about me.  I didn’t speak to her for some time, and she called me several times, but what she had said, was very hurtful.

I had a choice:  live with an unfinished past with her, knowing she is in poor health or start a new beginning”.  Closure, if there is unfinished business between the two of you, may not be closure for good.  It took temporary closure, for her to learn her lesson, and me to learn mine.  “For her, treasure our relationship.  For me, forgive those, especially when they don’t know how to forgive themselves.”

The New Year, brings about “resolutions”, (New Beginning).    We don’t realize it, but we gave closure, to the previous year, with the goodbye party we had, the night before, or at the very least, thought through what had happened throughout the year, and what will be different in the next one.

Our New Beginning, occurs because of the symbolism of the calender and turning over a new leaf, is a common option people use, to start their new beginning.

One of the most important types of relationships, are those that have some form of impact on our lives which are “relationships involving your feelings”.  They are the relationships that teach you so much about YOU and about the world.  What you knew about yourself, or what you assumed about others, is now much different, for this relationship has changed your life, in good ways and perhaps, at a high cost,emotionally.

We also have the relationships that are life long, and saying goodbye, is the hardest thing one has to do, when we lose them because life, is unpredictable, and so is God’s clock.  We never know when we may have to say goodbye for good, so,  “say what you mean to the person you mean it to!”
“Say how you feel to those loved ones you feel it for”.  LIFE IS SHORT, and we not only deserve closure, we are responsible to give it as well.  We are also responsible to realize when it is long overdue, or perhaps premature.

While I was in California, one of my girls, broke off her engagement.  She, had tried to make it work, so she found herself, having many doubts, and they started to have issues. so she worried, instead of looking forward to a new beginning with her fiance’.  Perhaps this could have been avoided, but I believe, things “happen for a reason,”:  if not only to learn or appreciate, where or what she had before  and meeting the right one in the future, and the changes made or perhaps just TIMING.  If for nothing else,  she has learned a lot. (“a mistake in her past and a lesson in her present.”)

Finally, sometimes, we feel the need for closure, and closure is not available.  Perhaps the person isn’t responsive or honest enough to give this to you from his/her heart.  Closure in that case, is closure best left in the past.  Closure can be used as an excuse to ourselves to see another or rekindle a relationship, or it can be sincere, but perhaps, God is protecting us in some way, and it is best left, “as is”.  You may have given closure, without receiving, it, and found in that relationship, you were “giving and  not receiving”, and there are unanswered questions, Closure, from them might be deceiving.

“Please put the lid on the peanut butter after using the jar”! You understand this analogy or at least I do…Love those comments…  Please keep posting and as always, if you feel this may help another who is in need of closure, please pass this along.  SL

Wisdom Wordology

Anagram for Closure:

Answer if you are playing Wisdom Wordology  #(C)larity (L)oved (O)ne’s  (S)hare (U)pon (R)elationships (E)nding  (For this example, (answer below)

#Wisdom Wordology, is a creation and part of Daily Wisdom Words, as well as, a very fun game to play!!  Each time I write on the one word for the day, there will be an ANAGRAM to follow which is the best “summary” for the meaning I wrote on, such as the one above, (closure).  After it is solved, the winner will be acknowledged if wished, or listed as anonymous, so please have fun, with this brain teasing game!! It is best to read what I wrote about the word, first, but not required to play:  
You have the answer for this Daily Wisdom Word, above.  

How to Win:  Create, from a list of four words, after each letter of the daily wisdom word written on.   YOU will “ultimately” pick from 4 words that will best create a summary of the meaning of the Wisdom Word written on.  for example:  Wisdom Word (CLOSURE)  7 letters, total:
1.C=create, cream, clarity, complete   2. L=loved, loose, land, Leaving   3.  O=Only, Open, Ones, On 4.  S=Sand, Share, Shape, Sale   5.  U=use, upon, unless, up  6.  R=Relationships, reality, realism, run
7.  E=Egg, east, Endure, Ending

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