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What is Materialism, and is it a bad or good thing, when we have it or don’t?  Do our lives “begin and end” with the things we have “acquired ” over the years??  What determines our Self-worth, Our, Self-esteem?

Is materialism a direct connection to our happiness, self-worth, self-esteem, the way we look at others when forming our opinions of their character and how we view them?  Is “materialism” an attachment, or condition, how we pick our friends and close connections in life?  Or, even better, how they pick us?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like nice things.  I would be a liar also, if I am truly honest with myself, and listening to my inner voice, if in some way, when meeting someone new, I HAVE IN THE PAST connected my initial impression of them, by subconsciously noting,  WHAT THEY HAVE,AND HOW THEIR DRESSED WITH WHO THEY ARE, instead of what they are saying!   Although I may become close to them, I see how it affects them, in today’s world which unfortunately does center around “materialism”….

What kind of person, does that make me?  Not a person I am proud of.  I know that change, comes first, with “recognizing the problem, and second, understanding this issue in how it relates to myself.”.  I am taking that first step starting TODAY.

I am going to change my patterns.  The best counselor I have seen over the years, helped me to realize, the THIRD, and most important road to making a change, or changing my perception on whatever the issue is I would like to fix.  after recognizing the problem, I must realize that in order to create change, I have to change my “pattern of behavior by changing my thought process.  In this case, I have taken step one.  I have taken step 2, by writing this, I am counseling myself.  Step 3, which promotes the most change in our lives, is by us “recognizing” this pattern of behavior, BEFORE,  we do the same thing all over again, whatever it is.

As someone wise once said, “insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over and then expecting, different results.” My judgement will be no Judgement to make this change.  When meeting new people I will dig a little deeper, and look a little harder, to see the beauty we all have in one form or another.  I will look at anything positive and focus on them.  I will do this, and be a better person because of it. When meeting new people, I will observe my thinking patterns and focus on something about who they are or a positive attribute I’ve noticed, and  will know, I will gain wisdom and knowledge knowing, I am blessed to be meeting them at all.

I will look for the first positive thing I feel when meeting them because I am choosing to shift my focus, and change my thinking patterns.  Life is not about what we wear, or what we have. Truly living,is always growing!  Live is not about “what” when we see someone new. It is simply about, “who”.  I will focus on who I am and how I can be of service to them, not judging but listening and looking for the positive in the beauty of their unique self.

  We can choose to hide or shine our souls.  I will.focus on ‘WHO”  I see in them”. I will look a little deeper, then the shallow surface, for the surface is only the “outer shell of who we really are.  We can use it, to lose it, OR, we begin by taking down our cover, but we all have to hide or shine our souls. It is simply a choice.”  

Materialism is today’s general behavior circling, all over the world, and is it the new “RACISM” in today’s world?  A world where we judge ourselves and others on what we/they have?  In the end, it is our choice, who we are and better yet, who we can grow to be by building our inside strength through the wisdom of others enlightened ourselves?

I think, if we are all honest with ourselves, going through hard financial times, should have taught us by making it through the down times, we’ve become stronger ourselves,  Our character shows its true colors when going through the toughest, most challenging obstacles, life may throw at us.  Right now, I am dealing with complicated medical issues, and it is NOT what I own that gives me strength.  It is the loved ones I have taking care of me and my faith which sometimes falters, but not WHO I Have faith in.

Materialism, such as some reality shows, is sometimes worshiped!  We hopefully worship our LORD. We don’t know what is around the corner for us, and on our last day living this life, “Materialism, is the last thing we will be thinking about.” SL

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