What are mishaps?  Before we look at them, let’s take a look at their meaning in our Webster Dictionary.

Mishaps-1.  an unlucky accident

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-1.  Events in our lives that happen and are out of our control.  These events are unwarranted from us and create havoc in our lives.

Mishaps are hard to deal with, especially because they are unexpected.  The following is an example of a mishap: I was supposed to go out of town to see my family who all had flown in for my mother’s 80th birthday.  This is a rare event that our whole family is able to get together, as we live all over the country.  We were scheduled to leave on a Friday afternoon, but flight after flight continued to get cancelled due to weather.  My mother missed her whole birthday with her family because we could not get out on the Friday flight on her actual birthday.

We ultimately rescheduled the flight for the first available flight on another airline for Saturday and paid full pop for the tickets.  I woke up Saturday morning and began cleaning the ceiling fan in my room and toppled backwards off my bed and hurt my leg severely.  I could hardly walk.  I ended up telling my mother and husband that I couldn’t go on the trip at all because I could not see myself being able to fly for three hours stationary in that kind of pain, and then drive another three hours to the destination.

All Saturday night, after they left, I cried and cried with disappointment.  These events that happen in our lives are called mishaps.  Life is not perfect for anyone, as you can see from the story I just shared with you.  Unfortunately, bad things do happen and there isn’t a thing we can do about them.  I am just sick over not being able to go on this trip, as I had looked so forward to seeing all of my family.

Mishaps are things that spin out of our control, and no matter how badly we want something, sometimes a series of events, (mishaps) happens, and it is just not possible to proceed.  Mishaps happen and seem to attract other mishaps or negative things, but we must accept them as a part of life and realize something positive will eventually come out of one, even if it is just learning a lesson in life.

I believe that once something negative happens, we begin to attract other negative things.  This is the law of the Universe and is true for positive things as well.

What mishaps have happened to you, particularly the devastating ones?  Please scroll down to the bottom of this post and share with us a mishap, event or quote about mishaps or a poem, where it says, “join the discussion”.  Open up the dialogue as I would love to hear from you.

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Samantha Lebouef/DWW

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