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Never give up. It doesn’t pay anyone. It pains someone

Abuh Monday Eneojo

Maybe it is actually not the best time to play the song and tell you never to give up. Maybe you actually need this as a ladder to the next step. I really do not know but I have a rather funny great feeling in whatever you are about to do. Never give up! You see, life is a true abundance of simplicity many have made difficult with decisions and rather disheartening statements that dissuade, completely, humans from attaining feats in life.

Can you hear me? Don’t give up!

You have to pull yourself together, fight it and show, first, yourself that you can do it before the world sees who you are truly made of. I will tell you a story. It may not be the kind of story you are used to but it sure will get you to the discourse of the day on  Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt.

For me, it was just a means to an end: get my poems out to the people of Kogi State, Nigeria. A state whose beauty transcends beautifully well via the Confluence, Niger River and Benue River and an array of the remnants of Frederick Lugard. On many occasions, I have seen these amazing things and I must say that it is brings a kind of inspiration you cannot explain. Michelle Huggelmann can explain every bit of what I say.

So, my first show on radio was not really a success because I repeated words and…just so I don’t bore you with the whole event of that day, my instructor told me that I needed to work on myself and speak authoritatively. Authoritatively? Yes. He said that I needed to command my audience. Consistency brought me to the better [art of the story. I never gave up. You should not! Now, my voice is a tool. One that I use well.

Enough talk. Let’s get into the day’s exercise. It may be coming late. Apologies.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a poem inspired by song
  • Tag #dailywisdomwords
  • Share with us


Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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5 months ago

The Want

The Want in your eyes
when you are half-done
colors you vague
under the sun

A whimsy flaw left unpolished
touches your heart with what they could
never abolish

Feelings of you completed
yearns deep seated & heartedly greeted
by The Want in your eyes


5 months ago

Demons stole childhood’s end
thrust into another universe
we’ve always lost us
never knowing who we are.

Ghosted by haunted love
we sing lonely songs
only darkened skies see
how we found our way.

Turbulent waves take us
finding our real
love’s true deepness
longing for our light.

5 months ago

I see the crazy old eyes
of darkness wink
trees waving in
hissing winds
what have i achieved
if not believing i
might grow wings
a wish to flee
merely surviving
in the rhythm of things
moving on smelling
like burnt candles
under a sky of
overripe hues
i stand misunderstood

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