The new normal with Coronavirus is social distancing, wearing of face masks and washing our hands each time just to be safe. You may want to ask if that’s the new normal even with the pftizer vaccine.

Covid-19: Fears and Alleviation

On TV this morning, I saw the supposed stadium that will be used for Tokyo Olympics 2021 and it dawned on me…the seats in their thousands will be empty because of the coronavirus virus.

That’s not all. These wonders of creativity were built to bring men together; to unite them but now we have come to a point we avoid crowds for our safety.

Coronavirus and Vaccine

My prayer is that other government of the world follow the steps of the newly elected president of the United States, Joe Biden, in controlling the spread of Coronavirus. The question is, is this the new normal?

Okay. Let’s talk about it on Daily Wisdom Words.

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