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We all have opinions.  We all have a certain way we expect things should be.  Opinions are different from facts.  Opinions are the things we feel strongly about and are based on our own ideas.  However, just because we have an opinion, does not mean It is a fact.  I sometimes express my opinion when I have not been asked to express what it is.  

Because opinions are not based on facts, and each one of us have our own, some opinions may flow with another person’s and some opinions will also be in disagreement of another.  Opinions stretch all the way from religious philosophy to voting rights.  This is why we find some opinions controversial.  There are many people out there that have very firm opinions for everything, and they don’t appear to concur with many of my opinions.  I have a hard time understanding extreme beliefs or strong opinions as I am opinionated myself.  

However, it is not my place to judge another’s opinion.  It is often difficult for me to keep my opinions to myself when I completely disagree with someone.  This is when I must remind myself to keep what I am thinking to myself.  If someone asks us for our opinion on a particular subject, this is when they have invited us to share our opinion.  Often when people are talking, they simply need someone to listen.  They truly don’t want our opinions but they do want us to listen and give active biofeedback rephrasing another’s words which is much different than giving our opinion.

Let us take a look at the definition of opinions in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom word definition.  

Webster definition of opinions-A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of opinions-a viewpoint or bias we have that may or may not be based on the factual situation.

Both of these definitions indicate what I mentioned above in regards to opinions.  The question then is when do we give our opinion about something and when do we just listen?  It is best, even when we have a strong opinion in regards to any subject, we should keep it to ourselves unless:  1.  We are asked what our opinion is.  2.  in controversial conversation where an opinion is warranted when others are expressing their thoughts in a debate setting.  3.  When we stand for something we believe in and an “action” is required.  IE., voting, director of a board, owner of a company, a mother parenting a young child, although it is always suggested we listen to our children first giving them a “voice, not a choice”.

Opinions are tricky and hard when we feel strongly about something.  One thing we should always remember is opinions are just that, an opinion.  This does not mean your opinion is right or wrong.  The key is to share opinions when asked for.  There are certain exceptions to sharing our opinions.  I have shared those situations above.  Anything that is controversial warrants listening to others even if only strengthens our resolve.  Thanks so much for reading about opinions today.  What is your opinion on what you’ve just read?  What other situations have I missed which warrant giving your opinion?

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