What is Power to you?  Today is Father’s Day, so let me take a second to wish all fathers, a happy one.  They have the “power” today.

Why is power such an important Daily Wisdom Word?

Let us take a look at part of the Webster meaning of POWER:  1.  a position of ascendancy s OVER others .  AUTHORITY   2. ONE who has “control or authority.  a sovereign state” .

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Power is Learning to have enough strength to learn from others of other religions, socioeconomic backgrounds and character.

Why did I pick power for todays Wisdom Word?  I picked this word, because every time I think of myself and others, I feel we are all judging  in some way, whether it be a persons position, or political standing, career, education or social/financial standing.  We may not even be aware of this, but if you doubt this, look around you.  Your world is likely to be filled with people most like you.

What does all of this lead to?  Grouping, with others of like standing, like mindedness, and treating others a certain way based on “stature” within our own communities.

I myself, place value on education, and have found myself comparing where I stand in stature, education wise to others with more education, money, etc.

I feel like we are all missing out.  After all, who do you learn the most from?  Someone exactly like you, or someone completely different?  This is the person who grew up in a different era from you, or perhaps they have a completely different career whether it be blue collar or white collar?

Intelligence, is best built on not only what we read or the smart or simple or complicated ones like ourselves, but on “THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE DIFFERENT and can teach us a whole new way of thinking!

Let us look around ourselves and open our minds to others in different age groups and different socioeconomic standings then ourselves, so we may grow from diversity and not as much from like mindedness.

Lastly, let us say hello to a different kind of person.  Our minds are best expanded and compounded with experiences formed from differences rather than similarities.

Food for thought.

Samantha L.

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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