Do you want to know your destiny or “purpose in life”?
I know I do, however, have you ever wondered why you don”t really ever know what that purpose is?

Sometimes, you may even think you know your purpose,
But, as always, something happens, and you lose your way,
or perhaps, a curve ball, comes out of nowhere, and you feel lost, again….

What is my point?  This:   Only God, knows our purpose,
and we must trust in time, the “right time” each piece of our destiny will be revealed, exactly as it is supposed to be
in exactly the proper time it is revealed to best serve you, and others…

Do you ever wonder what connection you have to others,
perhaps, you question the strength of that connection,
and you wonder if the bond, you have with someone,
will break, and it does…

Do not worry…in time, that person will reappear on your journey
which or what journey is that?
I believe we all have a path,
So don”t hesitate to smile at the stranger walking by you
in everyday life,

one day that stranger, may be your friend..
You see, we may feel secure when we control things
However, we never really do, and if, that stranger
becomes your friend in the future
or perhaps is a “puzzle piece”in your jigsaw in life”
You will have smiled, at the past, instead of fighting the present as well as your future…

Each thing that happens, Is NEVER coincidence
It happens , for us to teach a lesson,
or a lesson perhaps that, teaches us…

Either way, to grow with the present
we must keep a certain level of awareness,
and when we feel the most lost,
and the most grief and pain

This hurt, loss and pain
is another lesson in life,
and every time you feel lost and hopeless
remember:  you are on the verge of a precipice

a precipice of freedom and God has stepped in
and intercepted your perception, that your in control
and you then return to the path he chose for you to walk

You do however, have a map
Want to find your destination in life?
Prayer will lead you in your search for direction

“connection” and love, will assist you along the way
Hatred, anger, revenge, just slows you down and stops
your growth, and wisdom learned from each encounter
you make daily….

Our emotions are the weapon we have to being just another
species and we do need to control them, with prayer, and to
feel sad, angry, lost, hurt, is all part of your journey.

However your destination, and stops along the way,
are always filled with beauty, grace dignity and yes, those
emotions make us human and remind us
we are all  part of Gods plan, and connection to him is necessary to grow through each painful learning experience….

It is ultimately, our perception, that is our best reflection
of our experience with another who hurts us or loves es us
or teaches us a valuable lesson, making our ultimate journey
easier, along the way.

Just remember, that nothing or no person you meet in everyday life
is ever a happenstance..Not.Believing in coincidence, without prayer as a compass, is just another way for consequences  and actions taken which slow us down from realizing our true purpose.

We are all connected, in this game of life, and no relationship, with another can ever be bad…or wrong, just painful,or joyous depending on Gods purpose and the stops we make along the way, with our choices to ultimately learn what our purpose in life is, and live it in peace.  when we feel that peace, we know we have reached our final destination and fulfilled our purpose in Gods plan for each of us and true happiness and solace become our final heart beats in the path of life….

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