Today’s Wisdom Words….

Lines…what does that word mean to you?  There are so many meanings for lines:..Fine LINE, Crossing the Line, Artist Lines, Lines in the sand, Parking Lines,  most important,are our Boundary lines, and finally,
the Bottom Line, which is this:  Lines that never should be crossed are our personal boundary lines.  Do you know your Boundary Lines?  Especially in your relationships, IE., friendships, love relationships, professional boundary Lines, and finally, the relationship with ourselves..

Where do we “draw the line” for ourselves?  Self respect, dignity, self worth, all are so very important, but how do we get these things???

Can we buy them?  No, they can’t be purchased, or borrowed and those are lines we must establish for us to have the self-esteem necessary to know when to draw the LINE.

God gives us those gifts, but we must establish how big or little that gift is for us as it should be the biggest gift, other than Gods Love, he has given us.

Self worth, is so important, believing in ones capabilities.  Every single one of us, has a bottom line with what they are comfortable with and that line should be respected by first, yourself.  Your “bottom line”.  Disrespecting your bottom Lines, equals low self esteem, self worth, dignity, self respect, and finally, self destructive habit patterns.

I recently was in a relationship, where I allowed myself to forget what my bottom lines are.  There is a fine line when its crossed but again, we all should be aware of what ours are, and God can help you through prayer, and meditation, to know what is acceptable and what is not for your bottom Line.

It doesn’t matter as of Today, yesterday is the past, so if you aren’t clear on your boundary lines, establish them, for  yourself:  Simply, ask yourself, what is my bottom line, and if you cannot answer the question, make a fresh start, and figure out what is acceptable for you, and what is not.

Start with questions like this:  Are the the relationships I have surrounded myself with, thriving,  positive, cultivating, growing? Are these relationships, a two way street with unconditional acceptance o, who you are, and loving you for that very reason, or simply lines with working relationships, that are clear and concise to you.

Please remember,  above all self acceptance is the key to your answers, and knowing, “your bottom line in life with all your relationships”, so they may flourish for each one of you, especially yourselves…….SL

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