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Our daily wisdom word today is repeats.  What happens when your past becomes your present and you repeat behavior(s)?  There are very few people who can say they haven’t had “repeats”.   Repeats include getting back together with someone after breaking up, addictions of any kind, and other behaviors or actions that may be harmful to us.  Let us first take a look at what “repeats” means in the Webster Dictionary and our Daily Wisdom Words Definition.  

Webster definition of repeat-1.  say again what someone has already said.   2.  DO or SAy again something already done or said.  

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-  1.  “repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting DIFFERENT results.

Repeats happen because we often believe other’s change, not ourselves.  The only thing you can be sure of is your own behaviors and sometimes that’s not easy either.  You must understand this behavior to put it behind you if it causes you harm in some way. Often repeats for our own behavior occur when we least expect it.  It happens when we are not vigilant with our cognitive thought process.  Those of us who have past addictions can slip into these addictions only to repeat over and over the same mistakes.  I am one of these people.  I am not judging.  If we don’t fix whatever it is that causes us to repeat a destructive behavior and self destruct, we will repeat it over and over until the consequences of our actions cost us our life.  I know it is a struggle to take the time with addictions who can be partners or relationships to find out your issues that caused you to repeat again, the very same behavior.

Addictions can be substances, or anything which allows us to escape the underlying pain.  This can be sexual addiction as well.  It is also very possible to get addicted to an individual in a relationship.  Usually this is sexual, but many reasons we do this is because we have grown”comfortable with the person”.  We see this often with people who don’t like changes or do not want to be alone.  It becomes more relevant when we get back together with others who can harm us in some way.  You are not alone if you are reading this and identifying with it.  If the core issues aren’t dealt with that caused us to repeat the behavior when we know it is detrimental are not dealt with, repeats often happen.  

Depending on how harmful what you are repeating is, often professional help is necessary.  Relationships and addictions are the two major repeats that can happen if we haven’t dealt with past trauma and pain.  It is difficult to do this on our own and be objective with ourselves.  Please read this today if you are in a “repeats situation” that is harming you.  We do offer a wise advice webpage as part of our website.  This page, overseen by Dr. Shanni Dover, retired Psychologist, and options to make an appoint via phone or email questions to her or our mental health advocates are included with the Daily Wisdom Words Membership.  

You may wonder why a writer’s community delves into these kinds of issues.  We have many fun prompts to actively enjoy with live hosts.  However, writing a novel, poetry or any kind of writing just like our world is greatly affected when we do not deal with our underlying issues.  Writer’s Block, ability to concentrate and the quality of your work has much to do with how healthy your mental state is.  Poetry can be therapeutic and uses both the right and left side of our brains to write.  This is true for most kinds of literature requiring a creative necessity.  Thanks so very much for reading today.  Beneath this, is a place where you see “Join the discussion.” Please share your comments and questions for me there.  The day this posts and after I am very quick to respond.  Also, you may send me a private message on our wise advice page or through our membership application.  Simply send me a friend request and I will accept.  This is the last month for a one time fee of $10 for a lifetime.  We honestly will not be able to sustain this website if we don’t restructure the dues for new members.  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
7 months ago

Thank you Samantha for these very wise and timely words for my life, Keep up the good work.

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