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Why do we get restlessness?  Is it a condition some people are born with or do we all get restless from time to time?  Restlessness can be caused or brought on by many different factors.  Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the definition of restlessness in our Webster Dictionary and our Daily Wisdom Words Definition.

Webster Definition of Restlessness-1.  The inability to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.  

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Restlessness-Different factors that cause us to feel uneasy, unsettled, sleepless or anxious.

Restlessness is brought on by a variety of factors.  One of the main reasons we get restless, is when we are bored.  We don’t have our mind occupied in some way. Restlessness also seems to be triggered by not getting enough physical exercise.  Sometimes restlessness is brought on by mental issues, when we are children.  There are many diagnosis’s we get when we are children such as hyperactivity or ADHD.  (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Because ADHD covers a wide variety of symptoms, and is probably where the real issue of a medical or serious mental definitions of restlessness within us occurs (when we are children), let us break down the behavioral disorders occurring primarily in children, including such symptoms as poor concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity and of course, restlessness.  

Let us first take a look at hyperactivity leading to issues of restlessness when we are adults, is defined as the condition of being abnormally or extremely active.  Hyperactivity is difficult to diagnose unless you are the parent of the child that has this potential symptom, or a Child Psychologist or Child Psychiatrist, can we tell if hyperactivity is part of a bigger state of restlessness, or medical diagnosis like ADHD.  

We all have poor concentration from time to time in adulthood and childhood.  However, like anything, the frequency of it, determines if it is a long-term or medical condition, or if poor concentration is occasional.  

Impulsivity is also another part of ADHD, which is Restlessness to its highest scale or a psychiatric or mental disorder can also be normal or simply part of someone’s personality depending on how often it is seen in someone.  

Restlessness, when attached to the three things we just talked about, like poor concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity are signs of deeper problems medical and psychological.  Sometimes we get restless, as I said, because our mind is not active enough and we are bored, or we have too much on our minds, and cannot relax.  It has always been so strange to me that the extreme of any behavior is usually a sign of something more serious.  

If your feeling restless, try new things for it, such as Yoga, which has been shown to be highly effective or meditation which has also been shown to have a pronounced effect on restlessness before you worry that you have an issue.  Thanks so much for reading about restlessness today!  Have a beautiful and blessed day.  Sign up for Daily Wisdom Words today, for $10!  The below paragraphs will tell you what all a membership includes with Daily Wisdom Words.  

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