WE USE THE WORD, SEASONS FOR SO MANY THINGS.  Nature has four seasons.   Winter, summer, spring and Fall occur in the cycle of one year or 365 days.  Seasons are broken into four per year.  There are also things like the holiday season, Christmas season, Four Seasons Hotel, and Seasonal weather.  We title seasons as an analogy or a name for many things including seasonal sports.   All seasons measured with move from one to the other over time periods and change.  We divide our year up partly because the further we think ahead, the more we worry about things in large blocks of time.  We also must realize we simply can’t control what the future holds.  We only have control over ourselves and how we think or choose to act.  

Like having four seasons, we have another way to break up time periods.  Seconds, minutes, hours, and days, moving to quarters, years and decades, divided by ten years. Time is measurable because it passes and this is our way, (keeping time) to cope as well as organize our lives.  We do have control over our decisions, which we make, one at a time.  Each “decision” leads to an outcome.  Each outcome results from actions which are processed by those decisions we make.  What is my point?  We are not in control of things even if we bite them off with time. We may be able to plan our life better, but we can’t control the best laid plans.   Seasons, like time continue to change, and so do we from our decisions we make. 

Our experience determines how well we make decisions, and being informed, “before” we make each decision, minor or major, tells me we do have control over personal choices.  We make decisions best when we get educated about what we are deciding on allow them to be informed ones.  We also have facts, opinions, and fiction.  We as humans must have a way to deal with each moment.  Better yet, we can decide to enjoy them or simply live our lives focusing on whats to come.  we have no control over life and each thing I have listed can be timed backwards to see how we came to each outcome.  

Let us take a look at the Webster Definition of seasons.  

Webster Definition of seasons-1.  A period of the year characterized by a particular climatic feature, or marked by a particular activity, event, or festivity.  

Daily Wisdom Word definition for seasons-1.  Our way of marking specific periods of time and particular events which happen in these time frames.  2.  Another way to measure a particular period of time.

The reason I chose today’s daily wisdom word, seasons is to make a bigger point.  Everything changes over a given period of time.  It may not have a date assigned when something begins or ends, but there is always one guaranty. Change over time happens.  When we are having a hard or difficult time,  like seasons, things will change and get better.  I compare this to the  Leaves n autumn on Aspen trees or nature.  Thanks so much for reading about seasons today.  Samantha Leboeuf

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