WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO FEEL SENTIMENT FOR OTHERS OR WITH OURSELVES WHEN WE FEEL SENTIMENTAL?  A SENTIMENT IS A FEELING.  SENTIMENT IS OFTEN FELT AROUND THIS TIME OF YEAR, THE HOLIDAY SEASON.  The holiday season causes us to think about individuals we perhaps have lost contact with or simply miss.  Sentiment is often expressed with the words, I miss.  Feeling sentimental is normal, especially with our current Covid-19 situation wishing things were as they used to be.    Often when we are lonely we long to go back in time to these folks we are feeling deep sentiment for.  Let us take a look at the meaning of sentiment in our Webster Dictionary.  

Webster Definition of Sentiment-1.  Dealing with feelings of sadness, tenderness or nostalgia typically in an exaggerated way.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Sentiment-the feelings and emotions when we think about things deeply.  

If you are like myself, the feelings surrounding sentiment are often felt.  I miss so much how things used to be prior to the pandemic.  I miss the feeling of being carefree in this world.  It is hard to feel safe and carefree when a virus is in the air affecting millions and dropping the ball with being responsible wearing a mask is what we do to protect ourselves and others.  When I see masks being used as a belief when it is a medical fact it will safe lives it scares me.  I can be sure of my own responsibility but with the latest ruling by the supreme court, I can’t be sure of others being responsible as well.  What individuals who feel forced to wear this are feeling, I feel anger about as well.  The anger I feel is not about a mask which is worn more to protect others than ourselves.  I feel ignorance ignoring health officials safety precautions is very selfish.  Saving other lives along with our own or avoiding getting very, very ill is the choice we make if we do not wear a mask in public.  

Sadly, it is the elderly who have been hit by this the hardest, and when the elderly catch the corona virus, it could very well mean their life. Not wearing a mask in public isn’t worth seeing a stranger get sick later if I am symptomatic but don’t realize it because I have no symptoms (this involves 51% of us at this time), is not a choice I can make out of respect for humanity and life.  Thanks so much for reading this today.  Deep sentiment is felt today inside me because of so many unnecessary deaths, and I miss “how it used to be”.  Samantha LeBoeuf

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