Picture Credit: Leonida Arte


Do you have a winter jacket for snow?  According to news agency, Spain was covered in the heaviest snow fall in fifty years with temperature reaching -29°C.

Yes, that’s exactly what the picture you see reminded me of when I saw it on Twitter. I must applaud the ingenuity of the artist for her exceptional prowess in the art of drawing.

I can literally see the snow on the roads and on trees in the picture. This is exceptionally beautiful.

Just so you know, it is up for sale. Contact her on Twitter to get this amazing art if you so wish.

Don’t let the frostbite. Let’s do some poetry.

  • See picture.
  • Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title.
  • Share with us.

Want to read more about the weather condition in Spain? CLICK HERE

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pd_adams (@guest_9115)
2 months ago

Fibonacci Forest

Whose fear this is I don’t know
It lives outside in pillaged soul
Surely can it know me well?
I live beyond a hill & dell

Tidy theory, cozy spot
my inner hope warms a lot

Whispering “fear not,” I hear
the thing that sounds a
lot like Fear


@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9107)
2 months ago

Oh to walk hand-in-hand
on shores of your
Isle Delight
basking in memories
of times we played as children
alas, changing seasons
of our lives has left
green trees of summer
as we embolden against
cold frozen rain
tasting its snow
remember​ing those
long ago smiles
we first kissed.

Michelle (@guest_9108)
2 months ago

Love this ..really great😍

Michelle (@guest_9101)
2 months ago

Here i lay on
snowy grounds
counting stars
my heart
a cold light
streaked the trees
mourning faces
i have not seen
Smiles are wishes
across windy fields
where autumn
has all but breathed
dwellings of dreams
the slightest emphasis
of how much i miss.

@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9106)
2 months ago
Reply to  Michelle

Oh to walk hand-in-hand on the shores of your Isle Delight basking in such memories of times when we played as children; alas, the changing times of our lives has left the green hills of summer as we embolden against the cold frozen rain together, finding those long ago smiles we first kissed. (Now, dear Michelle, I will attempt to edit this and create something to match your beautiful write… No hitting me now…! 😉 😉 😉

CurvyRedGurl (@curvyredgurl)
2 months ago

I haven’t written in a while
stuck in a cycle
call, email, please don’t drill
it’s time for sustainable energy
can you see us
the people are screaming
while the earth is changing.
It’s colder in some areas now
warmer in others
the waters are all polluted & drying
the animals are dying
viruses ravage our planet.

Looking at this pic
so calming and quiet
only to remember
people & animals will freeze in it. -CRG (Ad)

Michelle (@guest_9102)
2 months ago
Reply to  CurvyRedGurl

Beautifully written😊

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