The Daily Wisdom Word today is “Sorrow”.  Sorrow is a part of the human condition.  Sorrow is a part of life.  Sorrow is a deeper form of sadness that comes when we finally accept there is no hope to fix the situation we are currently sad about.  This is why I say sorrow is one step further down the ladder than sadness.  I believe when we feel sad, the smallest thing can turn us around that resembles hope.  I believe when we feel sorrow, we have been down that road of hope and know the best thing that can come of a situation is the ending of it.  This is how we are able to once again, eventually be happy.  Let’s take a look at the definition of Sorrow in our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Words Definition.

Webster’s definition of sorrow-1.  a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.  2.  the outward expression of grief, lamentation.  3.  an event or circumstance that causes sorrow/

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of sorrow-1.  a feeling of deep sadness where all hope is lost and the only resort is to move on from the situation because it is irreconcilable.  

When you analyze a situation in thirty different ways, and you see no answer to what is causing your sorrow, you are left with one choice.  You must in order to find a feeling of peace again, make a formal change to avoid this feeling of sorrow because along with sorrow comes “hopelessness.”  Hopelessness is the worst feeling of all because it comes along with the feeling of sorrow or sadness and it means one must accept the only way to deal with this situation is to pray for a miracle or make a drastic change.  

Have you ever been deeply in love?  So in love, in fact, you could not see reality or the forest through the trees?  Let us add to this story a bit.  You are so in love with him BUT nothing you can say or do can seem to stop him from lying to you.  He tells you he loves you so much, yet he cannot help himself.  He lies.  This is a situation where you will not be able to “change him”.  In other words, all hope is lost and the deep root of sorrow has planted itself in your soul.   

I have been through a situation just like the one I described and tried for many months believing in him and his words, not his actions.  I was sad inside but must have still believed somewhere inside me, there was hope that he would make the changes necessary to give our relationship a sincere shot.  This was about the time I found a nude picture in his wallet and it wasn’t from playboy.  The picture he held in his wallet wasn’t his money wallet but the picture application built on his phone.  It also showed the date the picture had been taken and the time.  (EVENING).  I could only imagine her sending the picture his way and the conversation logic told me they must have had to get her to send such a disgusting picture to someone who had a fiancee’.  I think this was about the time the anger began to pass, and I felt more than sad.  I felt sorrow.  

To this day, if you ask him what happened in this relationship, he will dig in his “mental wallet” and find plenty of blame to go around.  Yet, I tried so hard to make it work with him.  I spoke to a psychologist just the other day about him.   You see, he is in love with someone else.  in fact, he won’t even talk to me.  (too bad he never showed me that kind of respect).  I met him as he was coming out of a relationship with a woman with two children.  He had dated her approximately two years and called them his children.  I am sure the word, “wife” was mentioned as well.   I told him “BEFORE” getting involved with him that he would have to cut ties with that situation.  The first full year I dated him, he continued to see the three of them for dinners as a family would and continued to tell me it was over.  Of course, I believed him.  I have always believed in giving someone the benefit of the doubt before deciding they are a liar.  I had a feeling in my stomach I simply couldn’t ignore.  This ” feeling” it turned out was accurate.  It was a feeling of distrust.  Long story short, I have over the years forgiven him until recently when the past has come to haunt me.  You see, he told me I was his best friend or one of them and now that I need him, he can’t or won’t talk to me.  So much for friendship.  I had the surprise of a nude photo.  She has the surprise that he has dumped his friends for her.  

I wish I could write something happier today, but I do believe there is still a bright, sunny light for me waiting.  I just can’t count on him to even be my friend as I am going through a difficult time.  Thank you for reading.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Founder, Daily Wisdom Words, LLC

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