Tenacity can be the difference in your life, in when a decision is being made about your future!Tipping the outcome in your favor through affirmations and taking that extra step required by simply asking for whatever it is, can alter your outcome favorably.     

Tenacity is a “will power wisdom word”, and a quality that comes natural to some people, but others have to work at developing it.  It is vitally important in a world this competitive, we compete against ourselves, and that must come with a high personal regard for yourself and this competition can only be measured by your own yard stick.  (Self-regard).

Tenacity represents the three P’s. Power/ Push/ Passion.  Passion with tenacity, (personally believing and having an emotional involvement in what your pursuing, is the highest level of Competition there is).

Why is tenacity so important, and what exactly does it mean?  Tenacity, can be the difference between being given an opportunity or achieving your personal goals or being one inch away from having the chance.

The summation in the Webster Dictionary explains tenacity with the following:   1. “Not easily pulled apart. Cohesive, tough.  2.  “Holding fast to one’s rights”

Wisdom Word Definition:  Tenacity.  A quality, necessary in life, to pursue to the fullest any potential opportunity or goal or dream, sometimes going  against the grain to obtain your aspiration by simply asking for it!  2.  A quality in life, enhancing our ability to pursue a life opportunity or important personal goal to its fullest.

Tenacious individuals go after what they want and usually get whatever that is, by taking that one extra step, tipping the scales in their favor.  For those of you reading this, who tenacity doesn’t come natural to, think briefly about your past.   You CAN develop this quality, like working a muscle group with mental exercise, including, AFFIRMATIONS.   HOW many opportunities or goals simply became “dreams”, because you didn’t pursue them to the fullest, by taking that extra step, and asking for what you wanted to be yours?  “Live life to the fullest in the present; Do not live life in the past with regrets of I should have, would have or could have”.

Tenacity may not come natural to you but is necessary, if you wish to  pursue all your dreams and goals and opportunities to their fullest.  The worst feeling in the world is wondering, after a door has shut, that was only open to you once, if you have to wonder what you might have done differently to have a chance to live or pursue fully these rare opportunities..

Tenacity is the “HOW”, for tipping the scales in your favor if this dream or opportunity was meant to be.

Tenacity is a vital “tool for your toolbox in life” to pack in your survivor’s bag.

One last thing:  “Meant to be”, is true, because ultimately, God does have an overall course for us, BUT, we program the directions.  don’t use the phrase “it just wasn’t meant to be” as an excuse to dismiss losing this dream or goal that God presented to you in the first place, but you chose not to pursue it to its fullest by being tenacious enough to obtain it, because inside, you were scared of the change.

Remember:  “The one thing constant in life is change  It will happen to you, or you can “will” it to happen. Or: Change is constant.  Change will happen to you, or you can happen with it.”    SL

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