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INTRODUCING: Wisdom Wordology!!!!! A GAME OF THE MIND!

INTRODUCING:  Wisdom Wordology!!!!! A GAME OF THE MIND!

Goal:  Create a “PHRASE that equals the meaning of each wisdom word definition, composed in a phrase where each letter of the wisdom word has 5 choices .  PICK THE CORRECT WORD FOR EACH LETTER IN THE WISDOM WORD, OUT OF 5 CHOICES and come up with a phrase that sums up the meaning of the wisdom word.

Player must choose one wisdom word for each letter in the word from a choice of words for each letter to ultimately create a phrase, comprising the meaning of the WISDOM WORD.  These wisdomgrams, Called, “Wisdom Wordology”, are played solo for now

Directions:   Pick the best choice in each letter of the word to create a wisdom worthy message from your word choices for each letter.  Then, Post the answer for the wisdom word phrase.  The meaning will be defined by the message in the post for the word itself.  …Answers are within the content and message of the daily Post done on that word.  Play against others, taking turns with guessing each letter and what it stands for in the daily wisdom word posts…(Flash Cards soon to come)….this game exercises the fundamental linguistics in our brain and is healthy, exciting, competitive, and full of DAILY WISDOM WORDOLOGY PHRASES.   or can be played  solo, and timed. Compare your correct answer when your done filling in the blanks to others answers and monitor how much time it took for you to solve the wisdom word acronym, or phrase strengthening your brain, by working the muscles within, to become stronger intellectually and improve overall communication skills as result!!  SL

WORTH     Wisdomgram for the day


O =Of/Open/Opaque/ Only/Olive

R =Really/Respect/Rests/Resolve/Route                              

T =Tender/Told/Telling/Trust//Truth

H =Honesty/Holy/Has/Humility/House


THE WORD, (AND),  is included in this phrase but is not part of the spelling of the Wisdom Wordology (phrase equaling only one word for each letter).  The answer will be an anagram and sum up the meaning of this wisdom word.

ANSWER WILL BE POSTED ON MY Website and Facebook at 6:00 pm Mountain Time.  for today’s Wisdom Wordology: www.dailywisdomwords.com  and must equal the meaning of ONE DAILY WISDOM WORD I have written about in my posts!   I will announce the winner/winners on facebook this evening.

 Good luck with WORTH!!


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